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Exam Code: 70-695
Exam Name: Deploying Windows Desktops and Enterprise Applications
Q&As: 95

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70-695 dumps

How would you designate a “go to” destination for a flow to continue processing, providing an alternative to the normal, sequential processing of the flow? (Choose One)
A. Use a fork to branch the flow
B. Use a decision to branch the flow

C. Create an activity to branch the flow as needed
D. Set a ticket on the destination shape, and then call the ticket as needed
70-695 exam Answer: D
Which shape should be used to call a decision tree to evaluate work object properties? (Choose One)
A. Shape 1
B. Shape 2
C. Shape 3
D. Shape 4
Answer: B
Review the following diagram:
If the WithinLimit shape references a Decision Tree rule, which type of connector is OverLimit? (Choose One)
A. When
B. Status
C. Always
D. Flow Action
70-695 dumps Answer: B
If a flow is placed in Draft mode, which of the following two statements are true? (Choose Two)
A. Additional shapes cannot be added
B. Rules may be referenced that do not yet exist
C. The flow can be executed
D. The flow rule is not subject to rule resolution
Answer: B, C
Which of the following three shapes are available in a screen flow? (Choose Three)
A. Utility
B. Integrator
C. Subprocess
D. Assignment Service
E. Split Join
F. Decision
70-695 pdf Answer: A, C, F
Which shape should be used to call a connector in a flow? (Choose One)
A. Shape 1
B. Shape 2
C. Shape 3
D. Shape 4
Answer: C
What is the result of clicking the Where-am-I? ( ) button on a work item form? (Choose One)
A. The harness rule currently in use is displayed in the Designer Studio
B. The user’s worklist is displayed
C. The flow diagram of the current flow rule is displayed in a separate window with an arrow marking the current assignment
D. The user’s Organization, Division and Unit information from the clipboard is displayed within a separate XML window
70-695 vce Answer: C
(True or False) Embedded pages cannot be nested in other embedded pages.
A. True
B. False

Answer: B
Which property mode may use a non-numeric subscript? (Choose One)
A. Java Object
B. Single Value
C. Page Group
D. Page List
70-695 exam Answer: C
Review the following clipboard page:
If pyWorkPage is considered the primary page of an activity, what is the correct way to identify the property reference to ClaimAmount in the PastClaims page? (Choose One)
A. .PastClaims.ClaimAmount(1)
B. pyWorkPage.PastClaims(1).ClaimAmount
C. .PastClaims(1).ClaimAmount
D. .ClaimAmount
Answer: C
Review the following screenshot:
In the Miscellaneous Items section, the user can enter several item names. The entered values are stored in the Items property. Which type of property is this? (Choose One)
A. Page
B. Page List
C. Single Value
D. Value List
70-695 dumps Answer: B
Page List properties typically reference a class derived – directly or indirectly – from which superclass? (Choose One)
A. Data
Answer: A
Validate rules may be specified in which one of the following rule types to validate the properties displayed on the user interface? (Choose One)
A. Flow Action
B. Section
C. Harness
D. Flow
70-695 pdf Answer: A
By default, where in the database is the data collected by a property you create as part of your data model is stored? (Choose One)
A. The BLOB column
B. A dedicated column
C. A lookup table
D. A declarative index
Answer: A
Which of the following statements is false? (Choose One)
A. Page properties can consist of an ordered list of unique property names
B. Threads contain information about a requestor’s sessions and associated thread(s), the application they are accessing, its context, the operator and their organization
C. The name of a page may not derive from system-created pages with reserved names and purposes

D. pyWorkPage page is a common clipboard page that contains information created during the processing of a work item
70-695 vce Answer: A
When creating a data transform, what should you do if the number of rows exceeds 25 rows? (Choose One)
A. In the final row, call an activity to perform the remaining actions
B. Move all of the Set actions rows to the pyDefault data transform rule to reduce the number of rows
C. In the final row, use the Apply Data Transform action to invoke another data transform that defines the additional actions
D. Use the <APPEND> keyword in actions instead of adding rows for the Append action
Answer: C
A data transform in the PurchaseOrder-Work class uses the Set action to set a value for the property BillingState on the Customer page. The value is MA. The Customer page is specified on the Pages & Classes tab of the data transform rule form. Which one of the following describes how to specify the row in the rule form for accomplishing this Set action without any errors or warnings upon saving the rule form? (Choose One)
A. Select Set in the Action column, enter Customer.BillingState in the Target column, and enter MA in the Source column
B. Select Set in the Action column, enter Primary.BillingState in the Target column, and enter MA in the Source column
C. Select Set in the Action column, enter Primary.BillingState in the Target column, and enter “MA” in the Source column
D. Select Set in the Action column, enter Customer.BillingState in the Target column, and enter “MA” in the Source column
70-695 exam Answer: D
When creating a work item, which of the following rules can be used to set the initial value of a property? (Choose Two)

A. Property
B. Declare Expressions
C. Data Transform
D. Declare Pages
Answer: B, C

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