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Exam Code: C2020-011
Exam Name: IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2
Q&As: 60

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C2020-011 dumps

Question No : 1 What statistical test should be used to assess whether the percentage differences
observed in a crosstabs tablecould have occurred by chance?
A. Correlation
B. Linear Regression
C. T-Test
D. Chi-square test of independence
C2020-011 exam Answer: D
Question No : 2 The text file shown in the figure below is an example of a fixed format text file.
C2020-011 dumps

A. True
B. False
Answer: B
Question No : 3 In the Variable View, if you have a series of variables that share the same category coding
scheme, you can enter value labels for one variable, then copy these labels to the other
A. True
B. False
C2020-011 dumps Answer: A
Question No : 4 For a variable salary we have the statistics as shown in the figure below.
C2020-011 dumps
The reported Mean is incorrect because a value, -9999, is included in its calculation. How
can this situation be fixed?
A. Define -9999 as a system-missing value.
B. Remove allcases with the value -9999 for the variable salary from the data file.
C. Define -9999 as a user-missing value.
D. Define -9999 as both a system- and user-missing value.
Answer: C
Question No : 5 Which statement is true about this box plot?
C2020-011 dumps

A. Themean is 14.
B. The standard deviation is 14 (20 minus 6).
C. The standard deviation is4 (16 minus 12).
D. of the outliers are on the lower end of the distribution.
C2020-011 pdf Answer: D
Question No : 6 Which statement is the correct interpretation of this crosstab table?
C2020-011 dumps

A. 56.5% of females believe in life after death.
B. 86.0% of females believe in life after death.
C. 27.5% of females believe in life after death.
D. 53.7% of females believe in life after death.
Answer: B
Question No : 7 Consider the data filebelow and answer the following: The calculation of the mean of the
variables X, Y, Z is contained in the variable Av_XYZ. What method was used to calculate
the mean?
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A. The Compute Variable dialog and the expression (X+Y+Z) 13
B. The Compute Variabledialog and the expression X+Y+Z/3
C. The Compute Variable dialog and the expression MEAN(X, Y, Z)
D. The Compute Variable dialog and the expression MEAN.2(X, Y, Z)
Answer: D
Question No : 8  If you request an aggregated dataset or data file in the Aggregate procedure, the number of cases in the new aggregated file is equal to what?
A. Number of cases in the original data file
B. Number of aggregated summary variables
C. Number of categories of the variables specified in the Break Variables list
D. Numberof cases that you specified in the Aggregate Data dialog box
Answer: C
Question No : 9 What does the Paste button in this dialog box do?
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A. Runs a MEANS table.
B. Pastes the MEANS command into a Syntax Editor window.
C. Pastes the MEANS command intothe Viewer window.
D. Runs a MEANS table, opens a new Syntax Editor window, and pastes the MEANS
C2020-011 vce Answer: B
Question No : 10 If you use the IBM SPSS Statistics Select Cases dialog to conduct analysis on a subset of
cases and you want to keep all cases in the same dataset, which option is appropriate?
A. Copy unselected cases to a new dataset
B. Copy selected cases to a new dataset
C. Delete unselected cases
D. Filter out unselected cases
Answer: D
Question No : 11
Which interpretation is correctfor this Regression Coefficients table?
C2020-011 dumps

A. For every additional year that you get older, your beginning salary decreases on
average by $13.
B. For every additional year that you get older, your beginning salary decreases on
average by $35.9.
C. Forevery additional year that you get older, your beginning salary increases on average
by $13.
D. For every additional year that you get older, your beginning salary increases on average
by $35.9.
C2020-011 exam Answer: D
Question No : 12 In order to access the New Custom Attribute feature in the Data Editor, the Data Editor
must be viewed from the:
A. Value Labels button.
B. Dialog Recall button.
C. Data View tab.
D. Variable View tab.
Answer: D
Question No : 13. You have issued the switch debugging command debugging rip packets from the management terminal,
but you are not receiving any debug output. What is the reason you are not getting any debug output from
the switch?
A.RIP has not been enabled, and therefore there is no debug output
B.Output from the debugging command only goes to the syslog server
C.You forgot to issue the enable debugging command at the System View
D.You forgot to issue the terminal debugging command, directing the output to your management terminal
C2020-011 dumps Answer: D
Question No : 14. Which two are general Link Aggregation (LA) configuration rules that must be followed when creating
an LA group? (Choose two.)
A.A member link port can only belong to one LA group
B.Aggregated links are mutually exclusive with roving analysis and mirror ports
C.A port must be configured for resilient links before it can be configured as a member of an LA group
D.LA ports can only be configured if Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is enabled on the switches
Answer: AB
Question No : 15. GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP) maintains and distributes Virtual LAN (VLAN) registration
information only about the dynamically created VLANs using GARP.
A. True B.
C2020-011 pdf Answer: B

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