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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 Dumps

Refer to the exhibit.
If Server A is an FTP server, which setting will enable active FTP optimization on Steelhead Mobile Client
A. Steelhead A. in-path auto srcport 20
B. Steelhead A. in-path auto dstport 20
C. Client R: in-path auto dstport 20
D. Default auto-discovery rules will work
E. None of the above
200-155 exam 
Correct Answer: E
Refer to the exhibit.
If Steelhead Mobile Client B offers up a share on the network, what is needed on Steelhead Mobile Client
R to open an optimized connection to this share if enhanced auto-discovery is enabled on all Steelhead
A. Default auto-discovery will work fine without modification
B. The connection to Client B cannot be optimized because the Steelhead Mobile Controller cannot
optimize incoming connections
C. A fixed-target rule to Client B’s IP address is needed in order for optimization to occur on Mobile Client B
D. The addition of a peering rule
Correct Answer: A
Company X has many offshore oil rigs they want to bring optimization to. The only available connection is through a satellite that has frequent bursts of packet loss. There are very few users per rig and HTTPS based SharePoint performance is so poor they often time out pulling down even a small file. CIFS often does not work at all. They are considering the Steelhead Mobile solution to solve this problem. You suggest they deploy a Steelhead in-path at the data center and:
A. Steelhead Mobile with FEC turned on to help with lossy links
B. Steelhead Mobile with HS-TCP configuration
C. Steelhead Mobile running MX-TCP to deal with the loss
D. Deploy Steelhead appliances with MX-TCP to deal with the loss
E. Deploy Steelhead appliances with HS-TCP, Window Scaling, fixed-target rules, and TCP New Reno to
overcome the loss
200-155 dumps 
Correct Answer: D
Is any user data sent across the out-of-band (OOB) connection of a Steelhead appliance?
A. No data is sent across this connection
B. Yes, only after 60 seconds
C. Yes, when the peer Steelhead appliance requests information
D. Yes, when the connection is setup
E. Yes, every 30 seconds
F. Yes, every 30 minutes
Correct Answer: A
The Node B antenna gain is 17 dB and receiver sensitivity 112 dBm, radiated power
(EIRP) of user equipment (Ue) is 18 dBm and feeder cable loss is 3 dB. What is the
MAXIMUM path loss?
A. 114 dB
B. 116 dB
C. 144 dB
D. 147 dB
200-155 pdf Answer: C
Physical channel power optimisation has to be done at the level of:
A. routing area and CELLDCH state.
B. RNC and cell area.
C. location and routing area.
D. site and cell area.
Answer: B
In the case of compressed mode and lower spreading code usage:
A. there is no impact on interference level.
B. the average interference level increases approximately 20%.
C. the average interference level increases approximately 5%.
D. the interference level is reduced approximately 5%.
200-155 vce Answer: C
Too wide soft handover areas can be indicated MOST easily by:
A. measuring CPICH coverage.
B. calculating inter cell interference.
C. comparing actual active set sizes.
D. monitoring traffic.

Answer: C
How can the cell/area data traffic profile best be monitored?
A. Measuring RT and NRT throughput.
B. Following up cell loading classes.
C. Counting RAB PS attempts.
D. Following up DCH channel allocations.
200-155 exam Answer: D
DCH traffic has the smallest impact on:
A. coverage area.
B. hard or soft blocking.
C. soft handover triggering.
D. lub utilisation.
Answer: C
Minimum coupling loss (MCL) is the minimum allowed:
A. overall loss between BTS and UE.
B. Loss from the UE to the MHA.
C. loss in antenna line.
D. loss from the UE Tx to BTS antenna.
200-155 dumps Answer: A
If the NodeB antenna direction has been modified:
A. pilot coverage areas need no recalculation.
B. new EbNo values have to be selected.
C. softer handover areas are changed.
D. power control parameters need to be changed.
Answer: C
Which of the following statements about scrambling code groups is not true?

A. The same scrambling code can be assigned to each carrier belonging to a single sector.
B. A typical planning strategy is to maximise the number of neighbours belonging to the same scrambling code group.
C. UE make use of the scrambling code groups when achieving initial synchronisation.
D.There are 16 scrambling codes within each scrambling code group.
200-155 pdf Answer: D
Which one of the following statements relating to WCDMA inter-working is TRUE?
A. Inter frequency measurements have IMSI verification.
B. Inter system measurements have BSIC verification.
C. Inter system measurements have IMSI verification.
D. Inter frequency measurements have BSIC verification.
Answer: B
The Common Control Channel (CCCH) is:
A. a uni-directional channel for transmitting control information from network to UEs.
B. a uni-directional channel for transmitting control information from UEs to network.
C. only used by mobiles having RRC connection with the network.
D. a bi-directional channel for transmitting control information between network and
200-155 vce Answer: D
Which one of the following statements concerning simulations on the planning tool is
NOT true?
A. Monte Carlo simulation is a form of static simulation.
B. Static simulations make use of an iterative process.
C. Static simulation is a time consuming process.
D. Simulations are not dynamic.
Answer: B

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