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Main objective of Pass4itsure 400-151 CCIE Data Center Preparation material

  • Describe Design
  • Implement and Troubleshoot Data Center Compute Connectivity\nDescribe Design
  • Implement and Troubleshoot Complex Layer 3 Technologies\nDescribe and Integrate Cisco Cloud technologies into existing Data Center infrastructure using sol

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400-151 dumps

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You are the project manager of the NHQ Project. You have created the project network diagram as shown in the figure:  You are concerned about a risk on Activity G that if it happens will delay the project by four days. You would like to utilize float for Activity G. How much float is available for Activity G to help offset the risk event?

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What statement is true with regard to VSANs and pWWWN zones?
A. Zones limit unicast, multicast, and broadcast traffic
B. Routing, naming, and zoning protocols are not available on a per VSAN basis
C. Zones enforce membership only at the source and destination ports
D. Zones enforce membership at each E port, source port, and destination port
E. None of these statements are true

Correct Answer: C
What is the User-specified VSAN IDsrange?

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A storage administrator wishes to make a “ficon_new” of the current IPL file “ficon current” in use on a
FICON-enabled VSAN 20.
What command must the administrator use?

A. Copy ficon file ficon_current ficon_new
B. Ficon copy ipl ficon_current ficon_new vsan20
C. Copy ficon file ficon_current ficon_new vsan20
D. Ficon vsan20 copy file ficon_current ficon_new
E. copy running-configuration:ficon_current bootflash:ficon_ne w

Correct Answer: D
Which two features would best improve “write” performance on a single FCIP tunnel over a 10 Mbps WAN with high delay?(Choose two)
A. Increase Buffer-to-buffer credits
B. High-comp-ratio compression
C. Port Channel
D. QoS
E. Write Acceleration

Correct Answer: BE
What statement describing Port Channel functionality isFALSE?

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A customer needs to create a plan for deploying QoS across the company network in anticipation of adding a VoIP solution and to clean up the existing network. Employees currently use a corporate intranet to report expenses and access ERP and manufacturing applications, the Intemet for customer support and customer orders, and a recently installed IP-based video-conferencing system, which has been only marginally successful because of poor quality.
Which four CoS-DSCP values should be applied to the customer network so that voice, video, and data all function properly? (Choose four.)
A. ERP and manufacturing protocols AF31
B. video AF41, video signaling CS3
C. Voice bearer AF43, voice signaling AF26
D. Internet BE
E. ERP and manufacturing protocols AF43
F. voice bearer EF, voice signaling CS3

Correct Answer: ABDF
Which statement about the Media Resource Group on Cisco Unified Communications Manager iscorrect?

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During the IPv6 address resolution, a node sends a neighbor solicitation message in order to discover which of these?
A. The Layer 2 multicast address of the destination node
B. The solicited node multicast address of the destination node
C. The Layer 2 address of the destination node based on the destination IPv6 address
D. The IPv6 address of the destination node based on the destination Layer 2 address

Correct Answer: C
Which one of these statements is true of OSPF type 5 LSAs?

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Which four services use the inner labels of an MPLS label stack? (Choose four)
B. switching path in MPLS core
C. Cisco MPLS Traffic Engineering and Fast Reroute
D. MPLS over ATM
E. VPN over Traffic Engineering core
F. any transport over MPLS

Correct Answer: ACEF
Which 4 statements regarding MPLS Label Stack Encoding istrue?

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All of these are fundamental building blocks of a differentiated services Traffic Conditioner Block except which one?
A. dropper
B. classifier
C. marker
D. querier
E. meter
F. shaper

Correct Answer: D
Refer to the exhibit. You would like to guarantee 7 Mb/s for FTP traffic in your LAN, as it seems that peer-to-peer traffic is taking up a large amount of bandwidth. When testing the configuration, you notice that FTP traffic doesn’t reach 7 Mb/s. What isthe problem?

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According to the diagram, a PPPoE session is initiated by the user from the PC using the username [email protected] This PPPoE session ultimately terminates on the ISP router, using domain based tunneling on 6400. What is the correct sequence of events which occur during user authentication?

A. The 6400 will query the PC to get the domain name. The 6400 will issue a PPP authentication challenge to which the PC will respond using the username [email protected] Once the tunnel is established, the ISP router will issue a challenge to the user and will authenticate the response.

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An incoming frame is received by a transparent bridge. If the destination address of the frame is not present in the database, the bridge will:
A. Discard the frame
B. Send out the frame on all interfaces, except on the interface where the frame originate
C. Put the destination MAC address in the table
D. Broadcast the frame on all interfaces
E. None of the above
Correct Answer: B
A Fast Ethernet connection supporting multiple VLANs is referred to as:
A. A circuit group
B. An emulated LAN (LANE)
C. A trunk
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 63
Host D sends a frame to Host B at the same time that Host B sends a frame to Host D. Bridging is enabled on Router 1, and the two frames collide into each other. Select the best explanation of why Host B will or will not receive the original frame from Host D:

A. Host B will receive the frame, since Hosts B & D are in the same VLAN.

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