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Exam A
Which three statements about networks are accurate? Choose three:
A. Networks are used to transmit data in various environments,including homes,small business,and large enterprises.
B. A main office can have hundreds or even thousands of people who depend on network access to do their jobs.
C. A network is a connected collection of devices that can communicate with each other.
D. A main office usually has one large network to connect users.
E. The purpose of a network is to create a means to provide workers with access to all information and components that are accessible via the network.
F. Remote locations cannot connect to a main office through a network.
Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 2
Which two statements about the purpose of the TCP/IP model are accurate? Choose two:
A. The TCP/IP model defines the network functions that occur in each layer.
B. The TCP/IP model facilitates an understanding of how information travels throughout the network.
C. The TCP/IP model ensures reliable data delivery through its layered approach.
D. The TCP/IP model defines seven layers.

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 3
Which two statements about switches are accurate? Choose two:
A. The operate only at the at the internet layer of the TCP/IP model.
B. They forward,filter,or flood frames based on MAC table entries.
C. A hub is a newer and a better version of a switch.
D. Their three major functions are forwarding,filtering,and flooding.

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 4
Which CL1 prompt indicates that you are working in privilaged EXEC mode?
A. hostname#
B. hostname>
C. hostname-exec>
D. hostname-config

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
Which command would you enter in privilaged EXEC mode to list the command options?
A. ?
B. init
C. enable
D. login
Correct Answer: A
Which CL1 command would you enter to display a list of commands that begin with the letter”c”?
A. c?
B. c ?
C. help c
D. help C

Correct Answer: A
Which configuration mode would you use to configure a particular port on a switch.
A. user EXEC mode
B. global configuration mode
C. interface configuration mode
D. controller configuration mode

Correct Answer: C
Which CL1 prompt indicates the correct way to set the port duplex operation to full?
A. SwitchX(config-if)#duplex half
B. SwitchX>duplex full
C. SwitchX(config-if)#duplex full
D. SwitchX(config)#full duplex

Correct Answer: C
Which Cisco IOS command is the most useful for troubleshooting media issues?
A. show controller
B. show troubles
C. show counters
D. show inetrface
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 10 Issuing a show interface FastEthernet 0/1 command resulted in output that stated “FastEthernet0/1 is up,line protocol is down.”What does the message mean?
A. The link is fully functional
B. The interface has been manually disabled(the shutdown command has been issued) in the active configuration.
C. There could be an encapsulation type mismatch, the interface on the other end could be error-disabled, or there could be a hardware problem.
D. A cable is not attached, or some other interface problem exists.For example, in a back-to-back connection,the other end of the connection may be administratively down.

Correct Answer: C
How many bits are in IPv4 address?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 16
D. 32
E. 64
F. 128
Correct Answer: D
Which characteristic is similar in TCP and UDP?
A. operates at the transport layer of the OSI model and the TCP/IP stack.
B. capable of performing error checking.
C. provides service on a best-effort basis and does not guarantee packet delivery.
D. provides no specials features that recover lost or corrupted packets.

Correct Answer: A