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Question Set 1
This task requires the use of various show commands from the CLI of Router1 to answer 5 multiple-choice

NOTE: The show running-configuration and the show startup-configuration commands have been disabled
in this simulation.
To access the multiple-choice questions, click on the numbered boxes on the right of the top panel.
There are 5 multiple-choice questions with this task. Be sure to answer all 5 questions before leaving this

What is the subnet broadcast address of the LAN connected to Router1?

A. A –
B. B -
C. C -
D. D –
E. E –

Correct Answer: A
What is the bandwidth on the WAN interface of Router1?
A. A – 16 Kbit/sec
B. B – 32 Kbit/sec
C. C – 64 Kbit/sec
D. D – 128 Kbit/sec
E. E – 512 Kbit/sec
F. F – 1544 Kbit/sec
Correct Answer: E
What interfaces on Router1 have not had any configurations applied? (Choose two) A. A – Ethernet 0
B. B – FastEthenet 0/0
C. C – FastEthernet 0/1
D. D – Serial 0
E. E – Serial 0/0
F. F – Serial 0/1

Correct Answer: CF
Including the address on the Router1 FastEthernet interface, how many hosts can have IP addresses on the LAN to which Router1 is connected?
A. A – 6
B. B – 14
C. C – 62
D. D – 128

Correct Answer: B
The hosts in the LAN are not able to connect to the Internet. Which commands will correct this issue?
A. A – Router1(conf)# interface fa0/0 Router1(conf-if)# no shutdown
B. B – Routed (conf)# interface fa0/1 Router1(conf-if)# no shutdown
C. C – Router1(conf)# interface s0/0 Router1(conf-if)# no shutdown
D. D – Router1(conf)# interface s0/1 Router1(conf-if)# no shutdown
E. E – Router1(conf)# interface s0/0 Router1(conf-if)# ip address
F. F – Router1(conf)# interface s0/1 Routerl (conf-if)# ip address

Correct Answer:
You have been hired by PC Consultants Incorporated to document the layout of the network. Complete the following tasks: Complete the network topology shown in the graphic by dragging the labels below with the appropriate router types, interface types and IP addresses to the graphic. Find the information you need by using the router console attached to the Home router.


Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7

Directions: Refer to the exhibit. This testlet consists of four questions that address steps in the process of data communication between host F and the server named WWW” on another LAN. You are free to move back and forth between the questions to review your answers. In order to begin communicating with the server, host F sends out an ARP request. How will the devices exhibited in the topology respond to this request?
A. A – Switch West _1 will reply with the MAC address of the server.
B. B – Hosts D and E will respond that the destination is not on the local LAN.
C. C – Router SFX will forward the ARP request to the ILM router .
D. D – Switch West _1 will block the request since the server is not on the LAN.
E. E – The ILM router will respond with the IP address of the WWW server.
F. F – Router SFX will respond with the MAC address of its Fa0/0 interface.

Correct Answer: F

The ARP reply has been received by host F, which needs to build the packet. What information will be placed in the header of the packet that leaves host F if host F is to communicate with the WWW server? (Choose two)
A. A – The destination address will be the IP address of interface Fa0/0 of the ILM router .
B. B – The destination address will be the IP address of the WWW server.
C. C – The destination address will be the IP address of interface Fa0/0 of router SFX.
D. D – The source address will be the IP address of host F.
E. E – The source address will be the IP address of interface Fa0/0 of router SFX.
F. F – The destination address will be the IP address of interface Fa0/0 of router SFX.
Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 9

The frame has been received by the ILM router and is to be delivered on the local LAN. Which two statements describe the addressing of the Ethernet frame that has been created by the ILM router ? (Choose two)
A. A – The destination address will the be the MAC address of the switch A port attached to the Fa0/0 interface of the ILM router .
B. B – The destination address will be the MAC address of the WWW server.
C. C – The destination address will be the MAC address of the A switch port attached to the WWW server.
D. D – The source address will be the MAC address of host F.
E. E – The source address will be the MAC address of interface Fa0/0 of the ILM router.

Correct Answer: BE
Host F is displaying two World Wide Web documents from the WWW server in two browser windows at the same time. How did the data find its way to the correct browser windows?
A. A – The IP source addresses of the packets will be used to direct the data to the correct browser window.
B. B – The browsers track the data by the URL.
C. C – TCP port numbers are used to direct the data to the correct application window.
D. D – The OSI application layer tracks the conversations and directs them to the correct browser.
Correct Answer: C Question Set 1 QUESTION 1

(In the old days, this question was a multi-choice question but Cisco upgraded it into a lab-sim question. Therefore, instead of listing all the configuration as above, you have to type show frame-relay map and show running-config to get its configuration) What destination Layer 2 address will be used in the frame header containing a packet for host

A. A – 704
B. B – 196
C. C – 702
D. D – 344
Correct Answer: QUESTION 2

A static map to the S-AMER location is required. Which command should be used to create this map?
A. A – frame-relay map ip 704 broadcast
B. B – frame-relay map ip 196 broadcast C. C – frame-relay map ip 702 broadcast
D. D – frame-relay map ip 344 broadcast

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 3
Which connection uses the default encapsulation for serial interfaces on Cisco routers?
A. A – The serial connection to the MidEast branch office
B. B – The serial connection to the DeepSouth branch office
C. C – The serial connection to the NorthCentral branch office
D. D – The serial connection to the Multinational Core

Correct Answer: A
If required, what password should be configured on the router in the MidEast branch office to allow a connection to be established with the Dubai router?
A. A – No password is required
B. B – Enable
C. C – Scr
D. D – Telnet
E. E – Console

Correct Answer: D

Hotspot Routing Question:

If the router R1 has a packet with a destination address, what describes the operation of the network?
A. A – R1 will forward the packet out all interfaces
B. B – R1 will drop this packet because it is not a valid IP address
C. C – As R1 forwards the frame containing this packet, Sw-A will add to its MAC table
D. D – R1 will encapsulate the packet in a frame with a destination MAC address of FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF
E. E – As R1 forwards the frame containing this packet, Sw-A will forward it ti the device assigned the IP address of

Correct Answer: B

Users on the network must access files located on the Server 1. What route could be configured on router R1 for file requests to reach the server?
A. A – ip route s0/0/0
B. B – ip route
C. C – ip route
D. D – ip route

Correct Answer:
When a packet is sent from Host 1 to Server 1, in how many different frames will the packet be encapsulated as it is sent across the internetwork?
A. A – 0
B. B – 1
C. C – 2
D. D – 3
E. E – 4

Correct Answer: D

What must be configured on the network in order for users on the Internet to view web pages located on Web Server 2?
A. A – On router R2,configure a default static route to the network
B. B – On router r2, configure DNS to resolve the URL assigned to Web Server 2 to the address
C. C – On router R1, configure NAT to translate an address on the network to
D. D – On router R1, configure DHCP to assign a registered IP address on the network to Web Server 2
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 9

The router address is the default gateway for both the Web Server 2 and Host 1. What is the correct subnet mask for this network?
A. A –
B. B –
C. C –
D. D –
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 10

On which router should a default route be configured?
A. A – on the ISP router
B. B – on R1
C. C – on R2
D. D – on R3
E. E – on R4

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 11
With all links operational and all routers converged, which of the following describes the messaging between routers?
A. A – Hellos are sent every five seconds.
B. B – Multicasts are sent every 60 seconds.
C. C – Broadcasts are sent every 30 seconds.
D. D – No messaging unless the topology changes.

Correct Answer: C
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