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A storage administrator wishes to make a “ficon_new” of the current IPL file “ficon current” in use on a
FICON-enabled VSAN 20.
What command must the administrator use?

A. Copy ficon file ficon_current ficon_new
B. Ficon copy ipl ficon_current ficon_new vsan20
C. Copy ficon file ficon_current ficon_new vsan20
D. Ficon vsan20 copy file ficon_current ficon_new
E. copy running-configuration:ficon_current bootflash:ficon_ne w

Correct Answer: D
Which two features would best improve “write” performance on a single FCIP tunnel over a 10 Mbps WAN with high delay?(Choose two)
A. Increase Buffer-to-buffer credits
B. High-comp-ratio compression
C. Port Channel
D. QoS
E. Write Acceleration

Correct Answer: BE
What statement describing Port Channel functionality is FALSE?
A. It provides a point-to-point connection over an ISL (E ports) or EISL (TE ports)
B. It increases the aggregate bandwidth on an ISL by distributing traffic among all functional links in the channel.
C. It load balances across multiple links and maintains optimum bandwidth utilization
D. It provides high availability for an ISL If one link fails, traffic previously carried on this link is switch ed to the remaining links
E. Port Channels can only be configured on the 16 port Fibre Channel module

Correct Answer: E
Which commands prevent a host from setting the clock in the FICON VSAN?
A. no host control set-timestamp
B. no host set-timestamp
C. no host port control
D. no host control clock
E. no host control set-clock

Correct Answer: BC

Each Gigabit Ethernet interface on the MOS 9509-1 is peering with the corresponding Gigabit Ethernet interface on MOS 9509-2 via a point-to-point circuit on the SONET ring. Furthermore, the GE interfaces on each MOS are configured as a port-channel. An FCIP tunnel is configured to carry SAN traffic across this network. If the point-to-point circuits were configured with UPSR protection on the SONET ring, a failure of anyone of the spans (span A, B, C, or D) would lead to what scenario?
A. FSPF would have to re-converge first in order for traffic continue flowing over FCIP
B. The SONET ring would heal within 50rns and traffic would continue flowing.
C. The traffic would switch from one of the GE interfaces to the other
D. The FCIP tunnel would be temporarily down while the SONET ring healed; then traffic would continue to flow
E. Interface FCIP would need to be administratively shutdown

Correct Answer: B
Which steps are required to downgrade Fabric Manager Server to an earlier or previous release?
A. In FM use the “Revert” tab under “Server Admin” to initiate downgrade to previous release
B. Delete the “cisco_mds9000” and restore earlier version from automatically created “mds_backup” directory
C. Fabric Manager Server cannot be downgraded to an earlier release
D. Close all instances of FM/DM, run the “Uninstall” program, then re-install the previous release
E. Downgrade the MDS switch to the correct version of code; when Fabric Manager is opened it will automatically downgrade to the earlier version located on the MDS

Correct Answer: D
FICON VSAN numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are configured and active on an MDS 9216 switch. VSAN 3 is configured with active equals saved. Which are the effects of making a non-FICON configuration change to VSAN 3? (Choose two)
A. A copy of the updated running-configuration is sent to the CUP
B. The switch’s updated running-configuration is written to the startup-configuration
C. The IPL file for VSAN 3 is updated
D. The IPL files for all FICON VSANs is updated
E. The IPL file for VSAN 3 is not updated

Correct Answer: BE
On a standalone switch, all ports in VSAN 9 are administratively shut down. What is the operational state of VSAN 9?
A. Initializing
B. Up
C. Suspended
D. Active
E. Down
Correct Answer: E
When IVR is activated between VSAN A on Switch 1 and VSAN B on Switch 2 it allows:
A. Switches A and B to communicate with each other
B. All nodes of different zones in VSAN A of Switch 1 to communicate with each other
C. Specific members in VSAN A and VSAN B to communicate with each other
D. VSAN A and VSAN B zones to merge
E. All RSCNs other than IVR-related RSCNs the ability to pass between VSAN A and VSAN B
Correct Answer: C
In Raid 0+1:
A. The disks are just striped
B. The disks are just mirrored
C. The disks are mirrored and then striped
D. The disks are striped and then mirrored
E. Two arrays are striped

Correct Answer: D
You have a Host that needs to find all target devices that supports SCSl in the fabric. What is the D_ID of the frame to query for this information?

Correct Answer: B
What SW_ILS frame is used to perform Principal Switch Selection?

Correct Answer: D
What must be eliminated to make migration of storage and a HP-UX host non-disruptive?
A. Changes to Host name
B. Speed changes to Host
C. FC_ID changes to the Host port
D. FC_ID changes to the Target port
E. Default zone deny
Correct Answer: D
What feature can be used to eliminate a single point of failure of gigabit Ethernet interfaces?
E. Sub-Interface
Correct Answer: B
FC analyzer is recommended for use with which types of captures? (Choose three)
A. FC frames from initiator to target
B. FC frames from initiator to FC switch
C. Class F frames from FC switch to FC switch
D. Used with SPAN function to capture FC Frames
E. Can be used to send captured frames remotely out the management 10/100 interface for ethereal

Correct Answer: BCD
Access control for multiple hosts connecting through the same iSCSI Proxy Initiator to different LUNs on the same storage port is controlled with:
A. iSCSI virtual target configuration
B. PWWN zoning
C. LUN zoning
D. LUN security or mapping on the storage array
E. CHAP authentication

Correct Answer: A
The running configuration can be copied to any file name. Without specifying the destination file as
What statement is true with the command “copy running-config myconfig.txt”?

A. file “myconfig.txt” will be saved on bootflash:myconfig.txt
B. file “myconfig.txt” will be saved in /mnt/cfg/1/ascii/myconfig.txt
C. file “myconfig.txt” will overwrite the “startup-config”
D. file “myconfig.txt” will be save in /volatile:myconfig.txt
E. file “myconfig.txt” will be saved in nvram as myconfig.txt

Correct Answer: D
With FCC enabled, after detecting congestion, an MOS switch performs what action?
A. It increases the amount of performance buffers
B. It sends an SW-RSCN to the switch, which has the source of the congestion
C. It increases TCP window size on all FCIP tunnels in the path
D. It sends an edge quench message to the switch which is the source of the congestion
E. It sends RSCNs to the end device, which is the source of the congestion as logging into a name server will slow down the device

Correct Answer: D
Select the correct order of logins to initiate a host to storage SCSI connection as initiated by the host Nport :
Correct Answer: C

Using the switch default DWRR weights 50:30:20, traffic from host 20:02:00:75:C1 :00:83:22 will be serviced what percentage (more or less) differently from other data traffic sourced in VSAN 10?
A. 20% more than
B. 30% less than
C. 50% more than
D. 50% less than
E. It will be serviced equally

Correct Answer: C
Which statements are true? (Choose two)
A. Fabric Logins are sent to destination FCID 0xFFFFFA
B. Name Server Logins are sent to destination FCID 0xFFFFFD
C. FSPF HLO packets are sent from source FCID 0xFFFFFD
D. FCID 0xFFFFF A is reserved for the Management Server
E. Fabric Logins are sent to destination FCID 0xFFFFFC
Correct Answer: CD
Exhibit: What command would successfully transfer the “special_config.txt” file to a workstation, PC, or File Server?

A. Copy special_config.txt ftp://<ipaddress>/<path>/special_config.txt
B. Copy boot flash:special_config.txt ftp://<ipaddress>/<path>/special_config.txt
C. Copy <ftp://bootflash:special_config.txt> <ip address>/<path>/special_config.txt
D. Copy <ftp://<ip> address>/<path>/<filename> special_config.txt
E. Copy special’.txt ftp://<ipaddress>/<path>/special_config.txt

Correct Answer: B
A Host has just been implicitly logged off a Fabric. Which are the possible primitive sequences that the host either transmitted or received? (Choose two)

Correct Answer: AB
The MDS “ficon swap portnumber” command: (Choose two)
A. Supports swapping logical FICON ports
B. Supports swapping physical ports that are part of a port channel
C. Supports swapping a port with 10 BB_credits for an OSM port
D. Is VSAN-specific
E. Supports swapping non-existent/non-implemented ports

Correct Answer: CE
What is the typical time for a SONET ring to fail over to the protect ring?
A. 10 microseconds
B. 50 microseconds
C. 10 milliseconds
D. 50 milliseconds
E. 1 second
Correct Answer: D
Which are configurable VSAN attributes? (Choose two)
A. VSAN name
B. Operational state
C. EISL trunking
D. Host membership
E. Load-balancing scheme
Correct Answer: AE QUESTION 142
RAID is: (Choose two)
A. Random Array of Idle Drives
B. Redundant Array of Independent Drives
C. Redundant Array of In-expensive Drives
D. Readily Available Independent Drives

Correct Answer: BC
In the Cisco MDS, CHAP authentication is used on which iSCSI sessions?
A. Discovery session only, per the iSCSI RFC
B. Target sessions only, per the iSCSI RFC
C. Neither, iSCSI uses PAP not CHAP for authentication
D. Discovery and each Target session
E. Monitoring session only, Per the iSCSI RFC

Correct Answer: D
What statement is NOT correct based on the display output below? MDS_switch# show ivr vsan-topology active AFID SWITCH WWN Active Cfg VSANS
1 20:00:00:05:30:00:7a:de* yes 202,205 1 20:00:00:0c:30:6c:24:40 yes 205,298 Total: 2 entries in active IVR VSAN-Topology Current Status Inter-VSAN topology is ACTIVE Last activation time: Sat Feb 21 00:03:42:2004
A. VSAN 205 is the transit VSAN
B. The wwn of MDS_switch is 20:00:00:05:30:00:7a:de
C. The wwn of MDS_switch is 20:00:00:0c:30:6c:24:40
D. IVR topology is activated on Sat Feb 21 00:03:42 2004
E. VSAN 298 and 202 are edge VSANs

Correct Answer: C
Initiator 10 111 establishes an iSCSI discovery session through portal 10. 1.1.2 and only finds fibre
channel targets on VSAN 1.
What is the most likely cause for no targets discovered inVSAN5?

A. Dynamic import of targets only applies to VSAN 1
B. There are no targets logged into VSAN 5
C. Interface iSCSI1/8 is not a member of VSAN 5
D. Initiator has not been configured with a port WWN
E. There is no active zoneset on VSAN 5
Correct Answer: B
Exhibit: When an existing Domain ID of a VSAN is changed from preferred to static, to ensure FCID persistency across reboots:

A. VSAN needs to be disruptively restarted
B. Switch needs to be restarted
C. Line cards alone needs to be restarted
D. VSAN needs to be restarted non-disruptively
E. Domain ID mode cannot be changed for VSNS on MDS switch

Correct Answer: D
An FCIP profile can be shared by how many FCIP interfaces?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
Correct Answer: D
What is the effect of a packet/frame loss on SAN Extension transport such as FCIP, DWDM and CWDM?
A. A packet loss on a FCIP link does not cause the application to abort and restart the SCSI sequence, while a frame loss on DWDM and CWDM does
B. A packet loss on a FClP, DWDM and CWDM link does cause the application to abort and restart the SCSI sequence
C. Only for CWDM a frame loss will cause the application to abort and restart the SCSI sequence
D. A frame loss on SAN Extension connections will never directly affect the application because it is handled directly by the switches terminating the FClP, DWDM or CDWM links
E. A frame drop on SAN Extension connections will always affect the application (that will abort and restart the SCSI sequence)

Correct Answer: A
On the 9120 an additional lSL is required and ports1-4 and 6 are already occupied. What additional port can be used?
A. 5
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9
E. None- the 9120 can only use ports 1-4 for ISLs

Correct Answer: D
If the MDS iSCSI interface is configured for proxy initiator mode, and 4 ISCSI-attached hosts attach and can see access storage via that interface, how many host port logins will the storage array receive?
A. 4, one port login for each host
B. 2, a read and a write port login
C. 1, port login from the proxy initiator
D. 0, no logins, proxy initiator does not use port logins
E. 8, one read and one write port login for each host

Correct Answer: C
The committee/association responsible for the production and overseeing of Fibre Channel standards is:
C. T11
D. T10
E. None of the other alternatives apply
Correct Answer: C
Configuring IVR on an MDS is required to allow a device to:
A. Communicate with two or more devices
B. Communicate over an FCIP tunnel which crosses a non COP enabled router
C. Exist in a transit VSAN
D. Communicate with a device on a non-MOS Switch
E. Communicate with devices in another VSAN
Correct Answer: E
What do ARB, R_RDY and IDLE have in common?
A. They are Primitive Signals as defined is FC-SW & FC-GS
B. They are Primitive Sequences found on a Loop
C. They are Primitive Signals as defined in FC-PH & FC-AL
D. They are used to determine signal loss on a Fibre Channel Physical Connection
E. They are Primitive Sequences as defined in FC-PO & FC-AL

Correct Answer: C
The default VSAN policy for any role is permit. Changing this policy to “vsan policy deny” and then entering “no vsan policy” will have what effect on the role being configured?
A. No effect on the role, every vsan can execute commands allowed by the “rule” command
B. The role will be disabled due to conflicting configuration statements
C. The role will require a “vsan permit” configured to define allowed VSANs
D. No effect, the “vsan permit deny” is an invalid command option
E. No effect, both commands are invalid

Correct Answer: A
What settings would be required on a MDS9000 switch for proper use of a PAA?
A. PAA requires a TE port to connect and must be in its own VSAN
B. PAA requires an SD port and must be it its own VSAN
C. PAA requires an ethernet connection to the MDS supervisor
D. PAA requires an SD port connection
E. PAA requires ST and an SD port
Correct Answer: D
Which are effects of a Build Fabric (BF) ILS? (Choose two)
A. The BF causes a disruptive reconfiguration of the fabric
B. The BF causes a non-disruptive reconfiguration of the fabric
C. The BF causes a new principal switch selection to happen
D. The BF causes the change of all the addresses assigned in the fabric while holding data traffic, to avoid traffic loss
E. The BF helps to resolve overlapping domain identifiers
Correct Answer: BC
Exhibit A: Exhibit B:
The administrator has noticed that there is no FSPF route in vsan 775 to reach domain Ox62 in vsan 777. What is the likely cause?
A. VSAN 777 is running in interop mode 2
B. VSAN 8 is also using domain id 0x62.
C. Both Host1 and tape device are logged out of the fabric.
D. The IVR VSAN topology has different VSAN configured for each MDS
E. The IVR border switch will never propagate FSPF routes between IVR VSANS.

Correct Answer: C
A customer has existing production fabric with Brocade and McData FC switches intermixed. When adding
an MOS 9000 switch, what MDS interop mode would be required?
(Topology: McData6400 – (ISL) – Brocade12000 – (ISL) — MDS)

A. Open Fabric Mode
B. Native
C. Interop1
D. Interop2
E. Interop3

Correct Answer: C
Which are true statements about Cisco’s MDS implementation of FICON CUP? (Choose two)
A. CUP may block/unblock ports
B. CUP may modify the VSAN a port resides in.
C. CUP must be defined as a control unit in the HCD and IOCP with a CUP port address of FC
D. CUP may prohibit/permit ports
E. CUP must be assigned a virtual FICON port number

Correct Answer: AD
Which advanced features of the MDS FCIP configuration will engage the traffic shapping abilities for the TCP connection? (Choose two)
A. Compression
B. Write acceleration
C. QOS for data and control
D. Use of Maximum bandwidth settings
E. Send Buffer Size setting

Correct Answer: AD
What term is used to identified the special characters used in Fiber Channel Encoding?
A. Kxx.y
B. 8b/10b
C. 3b/4b
D. Dxx.y
E. idle

Correct Answer: A
role name guest description Guest User Role rule 1 deny config rule 2 deny exec rule 3 permit config feature zone rule 4 permit config feature zoneset rule 5 permit show rule 6 permit exec feature fcping rule 7 permit exec feature fctrace rule 8 permit exec feature ips rule 9 permit exec feature discover rule 10 permit config feature ivr rule 11 permit config feature ficon rule 12 permit config feature fcip rule 13 permit config feature in-order-guarantee rule 14 permit config feature interface rule 15 permit exec feature ping rule 16 permit config feature vsan vsan policy deny permit vsan 10-19 What CLI command function will be permitted by the role name “guest”?
A. creation of vsan 12
B. copy running-config to startup-config
C. enable T ACACS+
D. creation of port-channels
E. change interface mode from auto to F

Correct Answer: E
An MDS 9509 director has a 16-port Fibre Channel module in slot 1 and a 32-port Fibre Channel module in slot 2. The director is assigned Domain ID 32 in FICON VSAN 27. Assume VSAN 27 is using the default value for the “fcid-last-byte” configuration command. If port 2/1 is a member of VSAN 27, what FCID is assigned to it?
A. 0x201B00
B. Ox200201
C. Ox201100
D. Ox202000
E. Cannot be determined

Correct Answer: D
A physical fabric with some but not all MDS switches participating in IVR, what switch should have IVR enabled?
A. All the switches
B. All of the switches in edge VSANs and transit VSANs
C. All of the edge switches, border switches and all switches in transit VSANs
D. Only edge switches and border switches
E. Only border switches

Correct Answer: E
Which features are required for an operational FICON VSAN? (Choose two)
A. Fabric-binding
B. Last byte of FCID 0x00
C. Persistent FCID
D. In-order delivery
E. Source-Destination-Exchange load balancing
Correct Answer: AD
Which are intended for TCP slow start algorithm? (Choose two)
A. Slow start, immediately after the TCP connection has been initiated or after a long period of idle, makes sure that new packets are sent at the same rate at which acknowledges are returned.
B. Slow start slows down the transmission rate of the sender, when congestion in the network is detected
C. It causes a linear growth of the transmitter window size every time an ACK is received
D. It causes an exponential growth of the transmitter window size every time an ACK is received
E. It causes a linear drop of the transmitter window size every time an ACK is lost

Correct Answer: AD
On the Cisco Port Analyzer Adapter (PAA), what truncation mode needs to be set if an SD port is configured for 2Gb/s and the PAA’s Ethernet port is configured for 1Gb to guarantee zero frame loss by the PAA?

Correct Answer: E
There are three different roles on MDS: Role1 allows show commands only. Role2 allows debug and configure commands, and denies show command Role 3 permits VSAN 10-30 only. User1 belongs to Role1, Role2 and Role3. What can User1 do?
A. Show, debug, configure on all VSAN
B. Debug and configure commands only on all VSAN
C. Debug and configuration commands on VSAN 10-30
D. Show, debug, and configure on VSAN 10-30
E. Show, debug, configure and save configuration on VSAN 10-30

Correct Answer: A
A2-byte link address defined for a mainframe definitively indicates a:
A. Cascaded FICON environment
B. Non-cascaded FICON environment
C. QSA frame will be sent during N-port login
D. CUP device is in use
E. Control Unit Image
Correct Answer: C
If all FC targets are required to be seen by iSCSI initiators, what is the easiest way to accomplish this?
A. When iSCSI is enabled all FC targets are imported by default
B. Enable dynamic import of FC target into iSCSI
C. Virtualization software most be enabled on hosts
D. Statically create Virtual targets on storage arrays primary path only
E. Enable storage array iSCSI target export ability
Correct Answer: B

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