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According to the ITIL. v3 framework, what triggers an incident?
A. whenever a severity 3 incident is closed
B. when the problem is identified as urgent
C. when a problem is discovered during a change window
D. when an outage is called into a service center

Correct Answer: D
According to the ITIL. v3 framework, what is the primary reason for implementing SLAs?
A. Ensure accurate measurement of response times.
B. Establish an open line of communication between the customer and the service provider
C. Reduce network latency.
D. Provide a legal contract between the customer and the service provider.

Correct Answer: D
Each syslog message has a numerical severity level assigned to generate error messages about software or hardware malfunctions. Which of these messages has the highest numeric severity level?
A. Error
B. Emergency
C. Debug
D. Critical
E. Alert

Correct Answer: C
Which three of these methods can you use to back up a configuration running Cisco IOS Software Release
12.2 Mainline? (Choose three)

Correct Answer: ACD
A router is causing problems in the network and you want to capture as much information as you can before you manually reload or power-cycle the router. What command would you type at the CLI of the router to capture information that would be lost when the router is rebooted?
A. show crashinfo
B. show syslog
C. show tech-support
D. show stacks
E. show memory

Correct Answer: C
Which three steps are best practices in accurately documenting a network? (Choose three).
A. Document separate Layer 2 and Layer 3 topologies.
B. Document Layer 3 topology to include all switches and routers.
C. Clearly document the port identifiers on all of the links.
D. Clearly depict different routing domains with appropriate information such as the routing protocol and process number.
E. Avoid defining router-id commands and loopbacks in the router label.
F. Use connectivity details of all layers of the OSI model in diagrams.

Correct Answer: ACD
Which three steps would you use to troubleshoot a performance-related problem in the network core? (Choose three.)
A. define problem
B. analyze problem
C. determine affected users
D. create action plan
E. verify service-level requirements

Correct Answer: ABD
Which two steps are best practices to be followed while documenting a network. (Choose two.)
A. Use proper icons for different devices in the network.
B. Use different colors and widths for denoting different links of different bandwidth.
C. Use same icons for all types of routers and switches in the network.
D. Avoid defining the router-id in the router label.
E. Use connectivity details of all layers of the OSI model in diagrams.
Correct Answer: AB
What is the advantage of using a passive monitoring technique?
A. does not require continuous measurement of traffic types
B. measures application-specific parameters per traffic classes
C. identifies issues and bottlenecks before they occur
D. no interference with live traffic

Correct Answer: D
The command below was executed on a Cisco 12000 Series Router running Cisco IOS XR. Which statement is true about the output of the command?
A. is an IP address local to the router.
B. OSPF is not running on this router.
C. There are no static routes in the routing table.
D. The last route entry for Loopback causes routing loops

Correct Answer: C
According to the ITIL. v3 framework, after an incident is resolved and the root cause identified, what should be the next step?
A. Enter the problem in the problem management system and close the ticket.
B. Use functional escalation to escalate root cause analysis.
C. Update the closure categorization for the incident.
D. Record the root cause analysis in the known error database to identify and resolve potential incidents.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 12
While looking at a Cisco CRS syslog, you see this message:
Based on the message alone, should you consider it a high-priority message?

A. Yes, because router syslog messages require immediate action.
B. Yes, because the severity of the syslog message requires immediate action.
C. No, because router syslog messages are informational only.
D. No, because the severity of the syslog message is informational only.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 13
According to the ITIL. v3 framework, how does problem management contribute to network availability?
A. by maintaining optimal levels of service quality
B. by developing and documenting workarounds to known problems
C. by providing inputs for calculating SLA penalties
D. by restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 14

Refer to the Gigabit Ethernet link in the exhibit. Which of the following IP address schemes would allow for IP reachability across this link?
A. Router A with IP to Router B with IP
B. Router A with IP to Router B with IP
C. Router A with IP to Router B with IP
D. Router A with IP to Router B with IP

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 15
Which one of these items is used to define key elements for successfully building obtainable service levels?
A. critical success factors
B. key performance indicators
C. key quality indicators
D. metrics

Correct Answer: A
What action should you take if the NMS is receiving temperature alarms from a router?
A. Check the fan tray to ensure that all of the fans are functioning properly.
B. Check the line card to ensure that it is not generating excessive heat.
C. Check the interfaces to ensure that they are not generating excessive heat.
D. Check the grounding wire to ensure that it is attached properly.

Correct Answer: A
According to the ITIL. v3 framework, what five characteristics can you use to identify effective KPIs? (Choose five.)
A. specific
B. agreed
C. realistic
D. budget-based
E. heuristic
F. time-based
G. measurable
H. Boolean

Correct Answer: ABCFG
Which one of the following statements is true for syslog messages?
A. A syslog packet is limited to 1024 bytes.
B. Syslog messages use UDP port 520.
C. At the application layer, syslog sends acknowledgments.
D. Syslog is a peer-to-peer protocol.

Correct Answer: A
You are responsible for monitoring the IP network. You have noticed since the beginning of your shift that a particular interface on a network switch has been flapping, and it has finally gone down. You open an incident ticket. According to the ITIL. v3 framework, what should you do to determine if it is a recurring issue?
A. Use Telnet to connect to the device and troubleshoot.
B. Ping the device to verify connectivity.
C. Perform a search of the known-error database.
D. Clear the alarm from the event system to see if it recurs.
E. Clear the interface counters and see if additional errors are incurred
Correct Answer: C

Which of these items enables an agent to notify the management station of significant events by sending an unsolicited message?
A. syslog message
B. SNMP trap
C. managed object code
D. RMON notification

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 21
When connecting to the console port, you see this message:
%SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 1028 bytes failed from 0x6015EC84, Pool Processor,
alignment 0
What two situations could cause this message? (Choose two.)

A. The router does not have the minimum amount of I/O memory to support certain interface processors.
B. The memory has fragmented into such small pieces that the router cannot find a usable available block.
C. The router has temporarily or permanently used all available memory.
D. The router ran out of “fast” memory, and will use its main DRAM instead.

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 22
An outage occurs in location “A” due to a router crash. This is not the first time that the router has had this problem. In fact, it crashed three times within the past 20 days. According to the ITIL. v3 framework, what type of record should be created to resolve this issue?
A. incident ticket
B. change ticket
C. service ticket
D. problem ticket

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 23
In troubleshooting a network incident, you found that the incident is the result of a known error. According to the ITIL. v3 framework, which of the following is an appropriate way to resolve the issue?
A. Understand the business case and get approval.
B. Fix the incident and open a request for change immediately.
C. Update the incident report with closure categorization.
D. Test it in the development environment.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 24
According to the ITIL. v3 framework, how would you prioritize an incident ticket?
A. based on the impact and urgency
B. based on the impact of the incident
C. based on customer urgency
D. based on the business unit Correct Answer: A
Which of these Microsoft Windows commands will allow you to look up the hostname for a given IP address?
A. ping -a
B. netstat -ano
C. tracert
D. net start \\
E. ipconfig -i

Correct Answer: A
According to the ITIL. v3 framework, what are two possible benefits of generating a detailed root cause analysis using chronological timelines? (Choose two.)
A. helps to identify the number of problems opened
B. identifies process deficiencies and breakdowns
C. identifies staffing, skills, and expertise
D. identifies SLA risk fulfillment

Correct Answer: BC
According to the ITIL. v3 framework, when an issue is reported to a service desk, which system is it recorded in?
A. incident management system
B. problem management system
C. availability management system
D. change management system
E. performance management system

Correct Answer: A
A customer calls complaining about the level of service being received. The customer produces a log showing service-level measurements that were collected over the past week. Which three questions should be asked at a minimum in order to assess the validity of the claim? (Choose three.)
A. Who took the measurements?
B. How were the measurements taken?
C. Why were the measurements taken?
D. Are the measurements statistically relevant?
E. What were the measurements taken?
Correct Answer: BDE
What does the log message “%IPNAT-6-DELETED:” indicate?
A. A Network Address Translation has been lost, requiring immediate action.
B. An unauthorized user possibly attempted to gain access.
C. The message is for information only and requires no further action.
D. A port on the device has been administratively shut down, requiring no further action
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 30

Refer to the exhibit. The following is a shell script for a UNIX-based server. Which three of these files on the UNIX server will be updated or created when this script is executed? (Choose three.)
A. /etc/hostname.hme0
B. /etc/hosts
C. /etc/hostname.hme0:1
D. /etc/netmasks
E. /10.1.0.$LAST_IP_OCT
F. /etc/loghost

Correct Answer: BCD
According to best practices, what are three reasons for escalating a ticket? (Choose three.)
A. immediate escalation based on severity
B. when automated escalation does not occur within prescribed time frame
C. management escalation due to business reasons
D. customer escalation because customer feels that they are very important
E. sales team escalation based on potential for future business

Correct Answer: ABC
According to the ITIL. v3 framework, what is the nature of the method used to escalate an issue that is very serious in nature or an issue that could potentially require an excessive amount of time to resolve?
A. both hierarchical and functional
B. both conceptual and procedural
C. both hierarchical and procedural
D. both conceptual and functional
Correct Answer: A
How often should device configurations be backed up? (Choose two.)
A. at predetermined intervals
B. at intervals specified in the SLA
C. at daily intervals
D. when disk space is full
E. when a configuration change is detected

Correct Answer: AE QUESTION 34
The command logging trap informational instructs a device to perform which of these actions?
A. Log only messages with a severity of 0-6.
B. Send syslog messages as traps.
C. Send informational-only SNMP traps.
D. Log all messages to the destination server.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 35
A “device unreachable” event has been detected by the NMS. The NMS has also performed automated routines and determined that no interfaces are reachable (routed or directly connected).
The last few log entries stored on the logging server for this device are as follows:

What is the most probable cause of the outage?
A. The device overheated, causing a system shutdown.
B. An unauthorized change was made, which caused the outage.
C. Routing flaps are causing the device to become unreachable.
D. An OSPF dead timer has caused the device to lose its adjacency.

Correct Answer: A
What tool generates synthetic traffic to measure network performance?
D. NetFlow

Correct Answer: B
What is an incremental backup?
A. a backup of all files that have changed since the last full backup
B. a complete backup of all files on a particular partition
C. a backup of all files at set increments of time

Next segment of Cisco 640-760 exam is linked with data management. It will require your abilities of adding cases, aggregation,duplicate cases, select cases and split files. In the fifth segment candidates have to deal with data transformations.  Data transformations include categorical variables, computing variables, counting values across variables and across cases, If conditions, recoding and variables. After data transformations professional have to demonstrate their skills of dealing with the output which involve charts, exporting results, OMS, output, pivot tables editor, scale data, scale variables, scatter plots and table looks.

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Cisco 640-760 PDF, Valid and updated Cisco 640-760 Exam Download Will Be More Popular