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According to the [email protected] framework, what is the primary reason for implementing SLAs?
A. Ensure accurate measurement of response times.
B. Establish an open line of communication between the customer and the service provider
C. Reduce network latency.
D. Provide a legal contract between the customer and the service provider.

Correct Answer: D
Each syslog message has a numerical severity level assigned to generate error messages about software or hardware malfunctions. Which of these messages has the highest numeric severity level?
A. Error
B. Emergency
C. Debug
D. Critical
E. Alert
Correct Answer: C
Which three of these methods can you use to back up a configuration running Cisco IOS Software Release
12.2 Mainline? (Choose three)

Correct Answer: ACD
A router is causing problems in the network and you want to capture as much information as you can before you manually reload or power-cycle the router. What command would you type at the CLI of the router to capture information that would be lost when the router is rebooted?
A. show crashinfo
B. show syslog
C. show tech-support
D. show stacks
E. show memory

Correct Answer: C
Which three steps are best practices in accurately documenting a network? (Choose three).
A. Document separate Layer 2 and Layer 3 topologies.
B. Document Layer 3 topology to include all switches and routers.
C. Clearly document the port identifiers on all of the links.
D. Clearly depict different routing domains with appropriate information such as the routing protocol and process number.
E. Avoid defining router-id commands and loopbacks in the router label.
F. Use connectivity details of all layers of the OSI model in diagrams.

Correct Answer: ACD
Which three steps would you use to troubleshoot a performance-related problem in the network core? (Choose three.)
A. define problem
B. analyze problem
C. determine affected users
D. create action plan
E. verify service-level requirements
Correct Answer: ABD
Which two steps are best practices to be followed while documenting a network. (Choose two.)
A. Use proper icons for different devices in the network.
B. Use different colors and widths for denoting different links of different bandwidth.
C. Use same icons for all types of routers and switches in the network.
D. Avoid defining the router-id in the router label.
E. Use connectivity details of all layers of the OSI model in diagrams.

Correct Answer: AB
The command below was executed on a Cisco 12000 Series Router running Cisco IOS XR. Which statement is true about the output of the command?

“First Test, First Pass” – 26 Cisco 640-760 Exam
A. is an IP address local to the router.
B. OSPF is not running on this router.
C. There are no static routes in the routing table.
D. The last route entry for Loopback causes routing loops

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 89
What is the advantage of using a passive monitoring technique?
A. does not require continuous measurement of traffic types
B. measures application-specific parameters per traffic classes
C. identifies issues and bottlenecks before they occur
D. no interference with live traffic

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 90
According to the [email protected] framework, after an incident is resolved and the root cause identified, what should be the next step?
A. Enter the problem in the problem management system and close the ticket.
B. Use functional escalation to escalate root cause analysis.
C. Update the closure categorization for the incident.
D. Record the root cause analysis in the known error database to identify and resolve potential incidents.

Correct Answer: D
What are two differences between using FTP or TFTP to copy files? (Choose two.)
A. FTP uses a reliable transport protocol and TFTP uses an unreliable transport protocol.
B. TFTP uses a reliable transport protocol and FTP uses an unreliable transport protocol.
C. FTP requires a username and password.
D. TFTP requires a username and password.
E. FTP transfers are encrypted by default.
F. FTP uses a single port for control and data transfer while TFTP uses a different port for control and data transfer

Correct Answer: AC
You are a Tier I NOC staff working on a severity 1 issue. The escalation timeline is defined as 60 minutes. After 55 minutes, you think you are close to resolving the issue. What would you do in this situation?
A. Continue to work and resolve the issue, even after 60 minutes has passed.
B. Call your manager and report your progress.
C. Escalate to Tier II support staff. “First Test, First Pass” – 27 Cisco 640-760 Exam
D. Call the user and let them know that you will resolve the issue in 10 minutes.

Correct Answer: C
Which one of the following features will allow the severity of a syslog message to be altered prior to leaving a Cisco IOS device?
B. NetFlow
E. debug

Correct Answer: A
According to the [email protected] framework, the problem management process can deal with which two types of issues? (Choose two.)
A. current outages
B. prevention of future outages
C. mitigating outage severity
D. reclamation of IP addresses
Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 95
A robust trouble ticketing system includes which of these critical components?
A. requires separate passwords to maintain separation of duties
B. integrated with financial management systems; unique reference numbers; and urgency, priority, and callback methods
C. unique reference numbers, urgency, device serial numbers
D. integrated with both asset and event management systems, unique reference numbers, and priority and closure categories

Correct Answer: D
What three things can a network change MOP be used for? (Choose three.)
A. configuration change
B. summarizing SNMP-based performance statistics
C. troubleshooting customer-reported issues
D. software image upgrade
E. installing new hardware
F. escalating connectivity issues “First Test, First Pass” – 28 Cisco 640-760 Exam

Correct Answer: ADE
The NMS has missed three of the last five polls to a device. If your choices are limited to the options below, how would you proceed with troubleshooting?
A. Verify that information from the NMS is accurate.
B. Reboot the device.
C. Verify that no changes have been made recently on the device.
D. Upgrade the device to the latest software release.
Correct Answer: A
What is the purpose of a rollback procedure in a method of procedure?
A. to provide verification steps when the procedure has completed
B. to provide an alternative procedure for completing a migration
C. to provide the NOC with a standard template for resolving customer issues
D. to revert back all changes made during the procedure
Correct Answer: D
Which of these items would not be tracked in the Inventory Manager?
B. line cards
C. serial numbers
D. IP address
E. owner
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 100
Which statement is true about the script below?

A. This is a C shell UNIX script.
B. When executing the echo command, the script will always look for the command in the directory “First Test, First Pass” – 29 Cisco 640-760 Exam from which it is run.
C. When executing the echo command, the script will always look for the command in /usr/bin before looking in the directory from which the script was run.
D. The variable HOSTNAME will be set to hostname.

Correct Answer: C
According to the [email protected] framework, which of these factors should trigger the creation of a problem record?
A. recurring incidents
B. user acceptance testing
C. changes to the network
D. resolution of a ticket

Correct Answer: A
Which section of the network change method of procedure will contain instructions to reverse the network change?
A. Implementation
B. Backout/Rollback
C. Verification
D. Testing

Correct Answer: B
The following is the beginning of a shell script. Which statement is true if the user issues “./” at the CLI without the quotes?

A. The script will fail because only one variable is specified by the user at the CLI.
B. The trapgenScripts variable will be set to /opt/MWFM_Automation/trapgen_scripts/
C. The trapgenScripts variable will not be set.
D. The simulation_IP variable will be set to

Correct Answer: B
A parameter in an SLA must meet which three criteria? (Choose three.)
A. quality
B. significance
C. measurability
D. reliability
E. relevance

Correct Answer: BCE
The Cisco IOS command, logging buffered 65536, performs which one of these tasks?
A. provides a memory buffer for spooling messages to remote syslog daemons
B. instructs the device to limit UDP messages to 64 KB
C. indicates the number of log messages kept for viewing during a show logging command on the console
D. provides flash-based buffering of messages when no receiver is available

Correct Answer: C
According to the [email protected] framework, what is considered a problem management task?
A. proactive review of syslog summary report
B. performance of changes needed to remove a known error
C. restoration of service
D. closing of the incident tickets
Correct Answer: A
In inventory management, what is the primary responsibility of a “master poller”?
A. to obtain device lists from child pollers
B. to provide a source for NTP queries
C. to provide authoritative information for all other managers
D. to provide device serial numbers to other managers
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 108
Why do SNMP counters often show different numbers than Cisco IOS CLI show commands?
A. The counter output from a CLI show command cannot be reset on interfaces.
B. SNMP counters use SNMPv3 values, whereas CLI show commands use SNMPv2 values
C. SNMP uses 64-bit counters, whereas CLI show commands use 32-bit counters. “First Test, First Pass” – 31 Cisco 640-760 Exam
D. The only way to reset the SNMP counters is to reload the box.

Correct Answer: D
Cisco routers provide numerous integrated commands to assist you in monitoring and troubleshooting your internetwork. Which of these actions describes the debug set of commands?
A. monitors normal network behavior and isolates problem areas
B. provides a method of determining the route by which packets reach their destination from one device to another
C. helps determine connectivity between devices on the network
D. assists in the isolation of protocol and configuration problems

Correct Answer: D
A network alarm is reported. What is the first task that you should perform?
A. Verify that the event actually occurred to eliminate any false-positives.
B. Open a trouble ticket and begin troubleshooting the outage.
C. Verify that there were no changes made to the device recently.
D. Wait for another event to occur to verify the alarm.

Correct Answer: A
Which two of these actions can you take to determine performance degradation on a Cisco router? (Choose two.)
A. Poll the IfInOctects and IfOutOctects objects.
B. Enable debug on the device.
C. Ping the affected device.
D. Check your Incident Manager for events from this device.
E. Perform a show interface command on the affected device.

Correct Answer: CE
What is the default syslog facility used to display log messages for a Cisco switch running Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2.18(SXF)?
A. kernel
B. system daemons
C. network news subsystem
D. Local7
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 113
Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco 7200 Series Router is directly connected to a Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switch over a Gigabit Ethernet link. It takes an average of 50 seconds after bringing up both ends of the link for data traffic to flow across the link. Which of the following would allow the link to forward data traffic within a few seconds after bringing up both ends of the link?

A. On the switch, enable PortFast.
B. On the router, disable ARP on the interface.
C. On both the router and the switch, set the interface duplex to half.
D. On both the router and the switch, manually configure the MAC addresses.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 114
While at the CLI on a Cisco ASR 9000 Series router, you notice the following message appear on your
2w6d: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by cisco on vty0 (
Which statement is true about this message?

A. User cisco logged into the router via the console port and made a configuration change.
B. User cisco used Telnet to connect to IP and made a configuration change.
C. This is a Warning-level syslog. “First Test, First Pass” – 33 Cisco 640-760 Exam
D. The router has been up for 20 days.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 115
You need to monitor a connection between two PE routers for packet jitter and delay. Which tool enables this type of monitoring on a Cisco 7600 Series Router?
B. multicast
C. syslog
E. NetFlow

Correct Answer: A
A performance manager is no longer able to poll a single device. Which two of the following might be causes? (Choose two.)
A. An access list is denying access.
B. The device has been removed from inventory.
C. The device is down.
D. The vty password has been changed.
E. The default gateway on the performance management server has been altered.

Correct Answer: AC
Which verification step would help in troubleshooting a large number of CRC errors observed on an interface?
A. Verify that the physical link connected to the interface is not defective.
B. Verify that encapsulation type on the interface matches on both ends of the link.
C. Verify that the interface is in shutdown and cannot receive data.
D. Verify that the clock rate on the interface does not match the other end of the link.

Correct Answer: A
Why is it a best practice to have occasional operational readiness tests to access backed up files?
A. to ensure that a fire or other disaster does not affect data
B. to verify that your backup process is working correctly
C. to reduce the amount of space required for each backup
D. to prevent accidental file deletion and disk failures

Correct Answer: B
What are two protocols that you can use to copy configurations from a Cisco ASR 9000 Series router? (Choose two.)
E. NetFlow
Correct Answer: BC
Which two statements about the UNIX script are true? (Choose two.)
#!/bin/sh tc=1 while [ $tc -le 10 ] do #/opt/trapSender -e -s 1 -g 1 -i -D -n 10 tc=`expr $tc + 1` echo “tc:$tc\n”; sleep 1 done
A. This is a Perl script.
B. The command /opt/trapSender will execute 10 times.
C. Within the while loop, the script will pause and wait for one second.
D. Within the while loop, the script will pause and wait for one minute.
E. The last number to be printed to the screen when running this script is 11.

Correct Answer: CE
According to the [email protected] framework, which three statements are true with regard to effective problem management? (Choose three.)
A. The goal of problem management is similar to the goal of incident management.
B. Resources dedicated to problem management are more effective than resources dedicated solely to managing incidents.
C. A problem ticket can be opened as a result of a single incident ticket.
D. It is desirable to align incident and problem management categories.
E. Like incident management, problem management is reactive in nature.
F. All incidents ultimately require a problem ticket for final closure.

Correct Answer: BCD
“First Test, First Pass” – 35 Cisco 640-760 Exam
According to the [email protected] framework, what information is typically reported in an NOC incident report?
A. incident number, priority, incident start time, SLA, incident status
B. problem number, number of successful changes
C. major incident review
D. network performance and capacity metrics
Correct Answer: A
In inventory management, what is the primary responsibility of a “master poller”?
A. to obtain device lists from child pollers
B. to provide a source for NTP queries
C. to provide authoritative information for all other managers
D. to provide device serial numbers to other managers
Correct Answer: C
Which one of these items is used to define key elements for successfully building obtainable service levels?
A. critical success factors
B. key performance indicators
C. key quality indicators
D. metrics

Correct Answer: A
According to the [email protected] framework, what are two possible benefits of generating a detailed root cause analysis using chronological timelines? (Choose two.)
A. helps to identify the number of problems opened
B. identifies process deficiencies and breakdowns
C. identifies staffing, skills, and expertise
D. identifies SLA risk fulfillment
Correct Answer: BC

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