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You have been asked by a client to help company employees connect with an ISP so that they can gain access to the Internet. The employees will use VPN software on their PCs to access the corporate network through the Internet. No cable or DSL is available so you must use ISDN.The telco does NOT supply NT1s, there will be two PCs connecting and a printer at each location, and each location will have an analog fax machine. Which Cisco 800 series router should you recommend?
A. Cisco 801
B. Cisco 802
C. Cisco 803
D. Cisco 804

Correct Answer: D
How many PVDM slots are available on the Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers?
A. one to two
B. two to three
C. three to four
D. four to five

Correct Answer: B
Which statement about configuring NAT for TCP load distribution is true?
A. It is enabled by mapping multiple outside addresses to an inside address.
B. It is enabled with the type rotary parameter on the ip nat pool command.
C. It is configured with the overload parameter on the ip nat inside command.
D. It requires an access list that permits an outside address to a group of inside local addresses.

Correct Answer: B
Which two statements best describe DMVPN? (Choose two.)
A. enables AES encryption
B. enables dynamic mesh IPSec/GRE tunnels between spoke sites
C. relies on NHRP
D. uses the Tunnel Endpoint Discovery protocol
E. allows the customer edge (CE) routers to implement Multi-VRF functionality
Correct Answer: BC
Which statement describes a feature of a Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) session?
A. affects switching traffic on source ports
B. associates a source interface with multiple destination interfaces
C. eliminates multiple copies of packets www.certifyme .com
D. associates multiple source interfaces with a single destination interface
Correct Answer: D
Which configuration command defines a rotary group?
A. dialer pool
B. rotary-group
C. interface rotary
D. interface dialer
E. dialer rotary-group

Correct Answer: D
Which protocol uses UDP to exchange information between the client and server?
Correct Answer: B
What are two characteristics of the HWICs? (Choose two.)
A. supports inline power including 802.3af
B. provides up to 8 Mbps of performance
C. is not backward compatible with the WICs
D. supports OIR (Online Insertion and Removal)
E. can be single or double wide

Correct Answer: AE
What Cisco switch command will map VLANs 10 to 20 to MST instance 1?
www.certifyme .com
A. Switch(config)#vlan 10-20 instance 1
B. Switch(config-mst)#vlan 10-20 instance 1
C. Switch(config)#instance 1 vlan 10-20
D. Switch(config-mst)#instance 1 vlan 10-20
Correct Answer: D
What are three new features of SDM 2.0? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco IOS Easy VPN Remote with Client Mode Release 2.0
B. QoS policy configuration
C. firewall (CBAC)
D. router and network resource monitoring
E. Role-based Access Control
F. traffic flow analysis

Correct Answer: BDE
EZ VPN is configured in Client mode with auto connection. What is the behavior of the router when the VPN connection is down but the router is still operational and attached to the Internet?
A. The router has no connection since the VPN is down.
B. The router will permit Internet access but continues to attempt to attach to the VPN.
C. The user cannot get out to the Internet because the router continues to attempt to attach to the VPN.
D. The router works normally and the VPN connection is dormant until the user initiates the VPN again.

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following technologies uses a Root Link Query BPDU?
A. BackboneFast
B. PortFast
C. UplinkFast www.certifyme .com
D. STP standard

Correct Answer: A
You have been asked by customer to put in a router in a branch location. The router must have an Ethernet connection to a local LAN switch for the office and two T1s installed. The first T1 is connected to the corporate headquarters and the second T1 delivers access to another downstream branch to save transport costs with the telephone company.What is the lowest cost Cisco router solution that will support this application?
A. Cisco 805
B. Cisco 1710
C. Cisco 1721
D. Cisco 1751

Correct Answer: C
Which two WAN connections provide a single pre-established switched circuit reserved for the private use of the customer? (Choose two.)
A. digital cable
B. T1 leased line
D. asynchronous dial-in
E. 56K dedicated line
Correct Answer: BE
A customer requires a device that can connect 26 users in one building and can connect to their main campus via EIGRP. Which device supports this capability?
A. 4000 with SUP 1
B. 6500 with SUP 1a
C. 2950 with SI software
D. 3550 with EMI software www.certifyme .com
Correct Answer: D
You have been asked to provide a router with thirty 10/100 Ethernet interfaces and room for more for future growth. The router must also provide security in the form of firewalls for each Ethernet interface.Which router should you install?
A. Cisco 7206
B. Cisco 7304
C. Cisco 7513
D. Cisco 7603

Correct Answer: D
You have just been asked by a customer to install a 160 branch Frame Relay network. You cannot put more than 8 Frame Relay connections in one port due to bandwidth requirements. You must use T1 interfaces because the connections span multiple carriers.Which two routers are most appropriately used for this application? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco 7200
B. Cisco 7300
C. Cisco 7400
D. Cisco 7500

Correct Answer: AD
The Cisco 7400 uses the same processor as which 7200 engine?
A. NSE 1
B. NSE 3
C. NPE 225
D. NPE 300
E. NPE 400
Correct Answer: A
Which protocol is an open standard for transporting traffic from multiple VLANs between connected Layer 2 devices?
A. 802.11B
B. spanning-tree

C. 802.1Q
F. Q.921
Correct Answer: C
Which two routers can act as an EZ VPN Remote server? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco 801
B. Cisco 804
C. Cisco 1710
D. Cisco 2610
Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 121
Which IOS configuration command is used to define interesting packets to trigger a DDR call?
A. dialer-list
B. dialer-group
C. dialer in-band
D. dialer rotary-group
Correct Answer: A
What is the default IP address for the CRWS tool as accessed from the inside port of the Cisco SOHO or Cisco 800 series routers?
A. www.certifyme .com
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