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Inside the ABC University network, all WAN links use PPP with CHAP for authentication security. When it occurs between two routers in the network, which command will display the CHAP authentication process?
A. show interface serial0
B. debug PPP authentication
C. show CHAP authentication
D. show ppp authentication chap

Correct Answer: B
There is a term dynamic displayed in the output of the show frame-relay map command, what is the meaning of this dynamic? P4S-R# show frame-relay map Serial0/0 (up): ip dlci 100(0x64,0x1840), dynamic broadcast, status defined, active
A. The Serial0/0 interface is passing traffic.
B. The Serial0/0 interface acquired the IP address of from a DHCP server.
C. As required, the DLCI 100 will be dynamically changed to adapt to changes in the Frame Relay cloud.
D. The mapping between DLCI 100 and the end station IP address was learned through Inverse ARP.

Correct Answer: D
What type of physical network is a default Frame Relay WAN classified?
A. point-to-point
B. broadcast multi-access
C. nonbroadcast multipoint
D. nonbroadcast multi-access

Correct Answer: D
For the following Frame Relay features, which one allows the point-to-point Frame Relay PVC between Router P4S-R-1 and Router P4S-R-2 to be identified at Router P4S-R-1 as 100 and at Router P4S-R-2 as 200?

A. locally significant DLCI
B. globally significant LMI
C. globally significant DLCI
D. locally significant LMI

Correct Answer: A
You are a network administrator for P4S. You have entered the command frame-relay map ip 102 broadcast on the router. Concerning this command, which of the following statements is true?
A. 102 is the remote DLCI that will receive the information.
B. This command is required for all Frame Relay configurations.
C. The broadcast option allows packets, such as RIP updates, to be forwarded across the PVC.
D. The IP address is the local router port used to forward data.

Correct Answer: C
How should router P4S1, which will be used in the P4S
Frame Relay network, be configured to avoid split horizon issues from preventing routing updates?

A. Configure a separate sub-interface for each PVC with a unique DLCI and subnet assigned to the sub-interface.
B. None of the bove
C. Configure many sub-interfaces on the same subnet.
D. Configure a single sub-interface to establish multiple PVC connections to multiple remote router interfaces.

Correct Answer: A
A Cisco router providing Frame Relay connectivity at a remote site was replaced with a different vendor’s frame relay router. Now, connectivity between the central and remote site is down. What most likely causes this problem?
A. incorrect IP address mapping
B. mismatched LMI types
C. mismatched encapsulation types
D. incorrect DLCI

Correct Answer: C
How to determine the interface clock rate while a router is connected to a Frame Relay WAN link by use of a serial DTE interface?
A. It is supplied by the CSU/DSU.
B. It is supplied by the Layer 1 bit stream timing.
C. It is supplied by the far end router.
D. It is determined by the clock rate command.

Correct Answer: A
Topic – Configure, verify and troubleshoot a switch with VLANs and interswitch communications.
Describe enhanced switching technologies (including: VTP, RSTP, VLAN, PVSTP, 802.1q) Describe how VLANs create logically separate networks and the need for routing between them Configure, verify, and troubleshoot VLANs Configure, verify, and troubleshoot trunking on Cisco switches Configure, verify, and troubleshoot interVLAN routing Configure, verify, and troubleshoot VTP Configure, verify, and troubleshoot RSTP operation Interpret the output of various show and debug commands to verify the operational status of a Cisco switched network Implement basic switch security (including: port security, unassigned ports, trunk access, etc.)

Correct Answer:
You are an administrator for P4S. You cannot add VLAN 50 to a switch. When troubleshooting the problem, you view the output of the show vtp status command, which is displayed in the graphic. To add VLAN 50 to the database, what commands should be used on this switch? (Choose two.)

A. P4S-Switch(vlan)# vlan 50
B. P4S-Switch(vlan)# vtp server
C. P4S-Switch(config)# vlan 50 name Tech
D. P4S-Switch(config-if)# switchport access vlan 50

Correct Answer: AB
Which three options can a network administrator utilize by using PPP Layer 2 encapsulation? (Choose three.)
A. VLAN support
B. compression
C. authentication
D. multilink support

Correct Answer: BCD
As it is shown in the exhibit. A new VLAN on Switch P4S1 has been created and host P4SC and host P4SD have been added. And switch interfaces FastEthernet0/13 has been properly configured through FastEthernet0/24 to be members of the new VLAN. After the configuration completed, however, host P4SA could communicate with host P4SB, but it could not communicate with host P4SC or host P4SD. To resolve this problem, which commands should be used?

A. P4S1# vlan database P4S1(vlan)# vtp v2-mode P4S1(vlan)# vtp domain cisco P4S1(vlan)# vtp server
B. P4S2(config)# router rip P4S2(config-router)# network P4S2(config-router)# network P4S2(config-router)# network
C. P4S1(config)# interface fastethernet 0/1 P4S1(config-if)# switchport mode trunk P4S1(config-if)# switchport trunk encapsulation isl
D. P4S2(config)# interface fastethernet 0/1.3 P4S2(config-if)# encapsulation dot1q 3 P4S2(config-if)# ip address

Correct Answer: D
You work as a network technician for P4S Ltd. Study the topology displayed in the exhibit carefully. If all the links are operating at the same bandwidth,which ports will be STP designated ports? (Choose three.)

A. P4S-Switch-C – Fa0/1
B. P4S-Switch-A – Fa0/1
C. P4S-Switch-B – Fa0/0
D. P4S-Switch-B – Fa0/1

Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 117
You are a network administrator for P4S Ltd. Study the exhibit carefully. Switch port FastEthernet 0/24 on P4S-ALSwitch1 will be used for creating an IEEE 802.1Q-compliant trunk to another switch. On the basis of the output presented, why the trunk does not form, even if the proper cabling has been attached?
A. The no shutdown command has not been entered for the port.
B. The correct encapsulation type has not been configured.
C. The port is currently configured for access mode.
D. An IP address must be configured for the port.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 118
What does the IEEE 802.1Q standard describe in a switched environment?
A. VLAN pruning
B. the operation of VTP
C. a method of VLAN trunking
D. an approach to wireless LAN communication

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 119
Which switch is the root bridge for VLAN 1?
A. Sw-DS1
B. Sw-AC1
C. Sw-AC2
D. Sw-AC3

Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit.SwX was taken out of the production network for maintenance. It will be reconnected to the Fa0/16 port of Sw-AC3. What happens to the network when it is reconnected and a trunk exists between the two switches? SwX#show vlan | SwX#show vtp stat Sw-AC3#show vtp stat Sw-AC3#show vlan A. All VLANs except the default VLAN will be removed from all switches.
B. All existing switches will have the students,admin,faculty,Servers,Management,Production,and no-where VLANs.
C. The VLANs Servers,Management,Production,and no-where will replace the VLANs on SwX.
D. The VLANs Servers,Managements,Production,and no-where will be removed from existing switches.

Correct Answer: D
Out of which ports on Sw-AC3 will a frame be forwarded that has Source MAC address 0010.5a0c.fd86 and destination MAC address 000a.8a47.e612?(Choose three) Sw-AC3#show mac-address-table Sw-AC3#show vlan Sw-AC3#show int trunk
A. Fa0/8
B. Fa0/3
C. Fa0/1
D. Fa0/12
Correct Answer: BCD
What ports on Sw-AC3 are operating as trunks?(Choose three) Sw-AC3#show int trunk

A. Fa0/3
B. Fa0/9
C. Fa0/1
D. Fa0/12

Correct Answer: ABD
What address should be configured as the default-gateway for the host connected to interface Fa0/4 of Sw-AC3? Sw-AC3#show vlan

Correct Answer: C
The exhibit below displays the network which has just been installed. Host P4S-B is able to access the
Internet, but it can’t ping host P4S-C. What is the problem with this configuration?

A. The exhibit below displays the network which has just been installed. Host P4S-B is able to access the Internet, but it can’t ping host P4S-C. What is the problem with this configuration?
B. The address of host P4S-C is incorrect.
C. The switch port that sends VLAN 13 frames from the switch to the router is shut down.
D. Host P4S-B should be in VLAN 13.

Correct Answer: B
The root bridge of the spanning tree is the bridge with the smallest bridge ID. On the basis of the exhibit presented. If all the four switches are running STP, which one will become the root bridge?

A. P4S-switch-A
B. P4S-switch-B
C. P4S-switch-C
D. P4S-switch-D

Correct Answer: D
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