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Which statement is true about ping?
A. monitors device status at both the transport and network layers
B. provides the ability to monitor any network device, regardless of operating system
C. monitors information on multiple services, including HTTP, FTP, and SMTP
D. provides round-trip times and mean-time-to-respond information

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 62
Which one of these can you use to verify an open port on a remote device?
A. the netstat command
B. Telnet
C. ping

D. traceroute Correct Answer: B QUESTION 63
Which of these can be used to determine the number of errors on a router interface?
B. NetFlow
D. ping
E. traceroute

Correct Answer: C
Which part of a syslog message contains detailed information about the event, including terminal port numbers, network addresses, or addresses that correspond to locations in the system memory address space?
A. group
B. mnemonic
C. message-text “First Test, First Pass” – 19 Cisco 640-760 Exam
D. severity
E. category

Correct Answer: C
While viewing the output of a show logging command on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch, you notice the following entry:
%SYS-0-SYS_LCPERR0:Module 6: Linecard received system exception.
From this message, you can determine that the facility code is which of these?
A. 0
B. 6
D. Module

Correct Answer: E
During a review of syslog messages, you notice that the backup power supply in router A is down. According to the [email protected] framework, what would be your next step?
A. Inform your escalation contact.
B. Schedule a maintenance window.
C. Open a problem ticket.
D. Open an incident ticket.

Correct Answer: C
Your NMS is reporting a device outage. You recall seeing this before but are not completely sure. According to the [email protected] framework, what is the next step that you should take to begin working on the issue?
A. Inform your escalation contact and request that they look into it.
B. Contact your supervisor.
C. Look at the known-error database for troubleshooting steps.
D. Call Tier II support and work with them to resolve the problem.

Correct Answer: C
According to the [email protected] framework, when a resolution is unknown, what should be the first step that you follow when troubleshooting an incident?
A. Check the incident management system to identify prior history. “First Test, First Pass” – 20 Cisco 640-760 Exam
B. Check the known-error database for an incident match.
C. Analyze and escalate to Tier II.
D. Discuss with fellow engineers to identify a resolution process.

Correct Answer: B
A Cisco network router crashes and you want to do as much first-level troubleshooting as quickly as you can so that the router can return to service. Which Cisco troubleshooting tool can you use that reports potential problems by analyzing supported show command output?
A. Output Interpreter
B. Syslog Interpreter
C. CLI Interpreter
D. Command Interpreter

Correct Answer: A
The following UNIX shell script was created to generate a configuration for the Cisco GGSN.
Which statement is true about this script?

echo “gprs access-point-list AC”
while [ $x -lt $y ]; do
?ech”;; access-point “;;
?ech”;; access-point-name AutomationApn”;;
?ech”;; access-type re”;;
?ech”;; access-mode non-transpare”;;
?ech”;; service-mode operation”;;
?ech”;; vrf CHARGI”;;
?ech”;; aaa-group accounting AAAactServ”;;
?ech”;; aaa-group authentication AAAautServ”;;
?ech”;; charging profile any 6 overri”;;
?ech”;; aggregate au”;;
?ech”;; gtp response-message wait-accounti”;;
?ech”;; gtp pdp-context timeout idle 600 upli”;;
?ech”;; ex”;;
?x=`expr $x + 1`
echo “!”

A. The first access point to be configured will be 1000, unless the user calls the script with a parameter of a different number.
B. The line “gprs access-point-list AC” will be printed without the quotes 500 times.
C. This is a Perl script.
D. The last access-point-name will be AutomationApn1500.

Correct Answer: D
Refer to the UNIX shell script below. Which one of the statements is true?
dir=/var/adm/CSCOpx/files/rme/dcma/devfiles log=/tmp/removeDcmaFiles.log echo “Starting removeDcmaFiles cron job `date`” >> $log for i in `ls $dir`; do ?length=`ls -lrt $dir/$i/PRIMARY/RUNNING/ | wc -l` ?h=`expr $length – 3` ?for j in `ls -rt $dir/$i/PRIMARY/RUNNING/ | head -$h`;do 侣 echo “rm -rf $dir/$i/PRIMARY/RUNNING/$j” >> $log侣 rm -rf $dir/$i/PRIMARY/RUNNING/$j ?done done
A. The following will be printed to the screen when the script is executed: Starting removeDcmaFiles cron job `date`
B. The following will be printed to the screen when the script is executed, but `date` will be replaced by the actual date as known by the operating system: Starting removeDcmaFiles cron job `date`
C. The following will be printed to the screen multiple times: rm -rf $dir/$i/PRIMARY/RUNNING/$j
D. Nothing will be printed to the screen if the script executes without error.

Correct Answer: D
Which protocol can you use to dynamically discover directly connected neighbors in the network for inventory purposes?
A. Simple Network Management Protocol
B. Cisco Discovery Protocol
C. Remote Monitoring
D. Secure Shell
Correct Answer: B
Which of these items would not be tracked in the Inventory Manager?
B. line cards
C. serial numbers
D. IP address
E. owner
Correct Answer: A
What is the correct order of the procedural steps for a network change MOP?
“First Test, First Pass” – 22 Cisco 640-760 Exam
A. Initial Checks, 2. Procedure, 3. Verification, 4. Backout Procedure, 5. Backout Verification B. Verification, 2. Procedure, 3. Initial Checks, 4. Backout Verification, 5. Backout Procedure
C. Initial Checks, 2. Verification, 3. Procedure, 4. Backout Procedure, 5. Backout Verification
D. Initial Checks, 2. Verification, 3. Procedure, 4. Backout Verification, 5. Backout Procedure

Correct Answer: A
Why do service providers have a difficult time guaranteeing performance levels in SLAs?
A. Response times are not easily measured.
B. Network outages cannot be avoided.
C. Performance parameters are not available.
D. The shared infrastructure is dynamic.

Correct Answer: D
When monitoring service levels against the requirements of an SLA, which three questions should you ask when defining the data collection methodology? (Choose three.)
A. How should the data records be collected?
B. What security is required for the data records?
C. Where in the network should you collect the data records?
D. What type of information should be collected?

Correct Answer: ACD
Which of the following would be best suited for providing accurate service-level measurements?
D. NetFlow

Correct Answer: B
According to the [email protected] framework, which four of these statements are characteristics of effective problem management? (Choose four.)
A. It will reduce incidents.
B. It will decrease mean-time-to-repair.
C. It can be either reactive or proactive in nature.
D. It will help improve the change management process.
E. It raises productivity and decreases cost in the long term. “First Test, First Pass” – 23 Cisco 640-760 Exam

Correct Answer: ABCE
You are Tier 1 support and are actively working a high-priority ticket. Troubleshooting efforts have not isolated the issue and you think that rebooting the device will resolve it. What should you do first?
A. Clear all logs to ensure that the device is reporting the correct information.
B. Collect more information to determine the impact.
C. Escalate to the next-level support.
D. Disconnect all cables.
E. Power-cycle the device.

Correct Answer: B
According to the [email protected] framework, what triggers an incident?
A. whenever a severity 3 incident is closed
B. when the problem is identified as urgent
C. when a problem is discovered during a change window
D. when an outage is called into a service center

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