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The Cisco WLAN controller examines a variety of real-time RF characteristics to efficiently handle channel assignments. These characteristics include which three of the following? (Choose three.)
A. client load
B. switch load
C. utilization
D. noise
F. client RSSI

Correct Answer: ACD Section: (none) Explanation
Which two threats are detected by means of the Cisco Network Admission Control? (Choose two.)
A. denial-of-service attacks
B. malware
C. out-of-date antivirus definitions
D. rogue access points
E. spam

Correct Answer: BC Section: (none) Explanation
A customer brings you a previously completed site survey for the initial wireless implementation from 12 months ago. The customer currently has six access points deployed in the warehouse. The survey shows that the installed coverage provides for a 15-percent overlap between cells at
5.5 Mbps, and a 5-percent overlap at 11 Mbps. This solution has proved to provide adequate
coverage and roaming capabilities for the data applications.
Why would this site survey not be adequate for a VoIP application?

A. inadequate data rate

B. inadequate throughput

C. inadequate overlap

D. inadequateQoS
Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
How many SSIDs are supported on a standalone access point with dual radios?
A. 16
B. 12
C. 8
D. 20

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
Which feature should you implement to detect a hacker invoking denial-of-service attacks, flooding the network with associations and probes, inserting rogue access points, and affecting network performance by attacking the quality of service?
A. Management Frame Protection
B. custom signature monitoring
C. Cisco Message Integrity Check
D. NTP synchronization

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
Which of the following best describes the purpose of using lifecycle services for deploying an advanced wireless solution?
A. Provide a consistent, repeatable, and proven method to ensure the network solution that is deployed delivers upon the customer’s goals for reliability and availability.
B. Reinforce customer confidence in partners selling products.
C. Maximize the number of services required to support advanced technologies.
D. Create a more effective sales strategy for partners.
E. More clearly define the roles of account managers, systems engineers, and field engineers.

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
In order to prevent many common attacks against WLANs from becoming effective, Management Frame Protection should be implemented in which mode?
A. controller only
B. infrastructure only
C. access point only
D. controller and access point
E. client only
F. client and infrastructure

Correct Answer: F Section: (none) Explanation
As a result of a security site survey, the following is discovered:
An RF signal is available in the parking lot.
Six access points are found belonging to employees.
Static WEP keys are in use in the receiving department.
No security is being used on the access points in human resources.
Wireless VoIP clients in use do not support EAP-FAST.
There is no strong password policy in place.
EAP-Cisco Wireless (Cisco LEAP) is being used for wireless VoIP security.
All clients can support WPA.
VLANs are in use.
Based on these findings, what is recommended to enhance the security of the wireless VoIP

A. enforce a strong password policy
B. enable EAP-FAST authentication
C. create a separate management VLAN
D. enable static WEP on access points that are supporting wireless VoIP traffic

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
Which two key features are unique to the controller-based feature set? (Choose two.)
A. fast secure roaming
B. access point registration via digital certificate
C. access point participation in RF management
D. dynamic RF control without a dedicated management platform
E. rogue access point detection
Correct Answer: BD Section: (none) Explanation

Before a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 can place a call, it will compare the QBSS in the beacon from the access point with the QBSS threshold on the phone. What action will the Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 take if the QBSS threshold in the beacon is exceeded?
A. prompt network busy
B. place the call
C. disconnect from access point
D. prompt number busy

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
When determining the feasibility of a bridging solution that is capable of supporting 54 Mbps using the Cisco Aironet 1410 Wireless Bridge with integrated antenna in a point-to-point scenario, which criterion must be met?
A. an indoor unit mounting location within 49 feet (15 m) of the outdoor unit
B. a visual line of sight must exist
C. a distance of no greater than 15 miles (24 km)
D. a distance of no greater than 12 miles (19 km)
E. a proper channel configured on thenonroot bridge

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
Implementing Wireless Domain Services on an autonomous access point provides which two benefits? (Choose two.)
A. VLAN support
B. quality of service
C. local authentication services
D. fast secure roaming
E. radio management

Correct Answer: DE Section: (none) Explanation
Which three wireless intrusion-prevention signatures are part of the standard signature set provided by the Wireless LAN Controller? (Choose three.)
A. rogue network detection
B. ad-hoc network detection
C. rogue access point detection
D. fake access point detection
E. deauth flood detection
F. NetStumbler detection

Correct Answer: DEF Section: (none) Explanation
In the wireless design phase, which service component includes developing and documenting the test case(s) used to verify that a deployed infrastructure meets the operational, functional, and interface requirements?
A. Staging Plan
B. Systems Acceptance Test Plan Development
C. Detailed Design Development
D. Implementation Plan
E. Business Plan

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
Cisco Identity Based Network Services used with Cisco Secure ACS provides which two of the following benefits? (Choose two.)
A. strong mutual authentication using public key infrastructure, tokens, and smart cards
B. high accuracy location of identity-based users
C. flexible policy assignments such as per-user quotas and virtual LAN assignments
D. both user-based and device-based identified entities mapped to policies that are centrally created and administered by Cisco WCS
E. user accounting and auditing and the ability to track and display users on a map

Correct Answer: AC Section: (none) Explanation
Which three devices are required to implement a Cisco 2700 Series Wireless Location Appliance? (Choose three.)
A. wireless controller
B. Cisco Wireless Control System
C. controller-based access point
D. wireless domain server
E. standalone access point
F. CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine

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