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What should you do to prevent VLAN hopping?

A. Enable all unused ports and place them into an unused VLAN
B. Set unused access ports totrunking ON
C. Disable some unused ports
D. Disable all unused ports and place them into an unused VLAN

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
You are offering the integrated services router solution to a client. Which two features and benefits would you describe? (Choose two) “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 18 Cisco 642-374: Practice Exam
A. IP telephony and voicemail integration
B. standard security
C. dynamic configuration
D. integrated web-based tools
E. speeds and feeds
F. lower pricing

Correct Answer: AB Section: (none) Explanation
Which companion switch is recommended to be installed with the Cisco Smart Business Communications System?
A. C2950
B. C3750
C. ESW 500
D. SRW224G4

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
When you are about to configure VTP, which two characteristics should you keep in mind? (Choose two)
A. A VTP password must be configured on all switches
B. VTP should be set to server mode
C. The server mode cannot delete VLANs
D. VTP can run only version 1
E. The VTP domain is restricted to building switch blocks
F. Switches in a VTP domain can run different VTP versions

Correct Answer: AE Section: (none) Explanation
Refer to the exhibit.
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 19 Cisco 642-374: Practice Exam

Deploying integrated services on the Cisco ISR Router can help reduce network cost and complexity by integrating which four of these features on the ISR? (Choose four)
A. firewall and VPN
B. IP telephony and voice mail
C. Secure Access Control Server
D. LAN switching and Wireless LAN
F. Anomaly Guard and Detection

Correct Answer: ABDE Section: (none) Explanation
Which port-sales SMART Design documents are available to help you better serve your customers? (Choose three)
A. Design Guide
B. Small Business Product Guide
C. Implementation Guide
D. Solution Profile
E. Cisco Configuration Assistant
F. Application Notes

Correct Answer: ACF Section: (none) Explanation
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 20 Cisco 642-374: Practice Exam
In the design phase, which service component provides the customer with a comprehensive design?
A. Implementation Plan
B. Detailed Design Development
C. Project Kick-off
D. Staging Plan
E. High-Level Design

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
What is one reason you might recommend a solution using only autonomous access points to a customer?
A. The customer requires Layer 3 roaming
B. The customer requires immediatewireline integration with a Catalyst 6500 switch
C. The customer needsa outdoor-ready access point
D. The customer wants the option to migrate to LWAPP

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 59 When offering the Cisco Aironet 1200 and 1300 Series Access Points, which two characteristic should you focus on? (Choose two)
A. limitation of antenna usage
B. wireless LAN infrastructure
C. configuration options
D. companion switch solutions
E. functionality of the RF signals

Correct Answer: AE Section: (none) Explanation
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 21 Cisco 642-374: Practice Exam You need to address issues of bandwidth contention and consumption across a trunk link and on VLAN 1. What should you do?
A. Deny any single, range, or group of VLANs to traverse the trunk link
B. Permit only those VLANs that are required for Layer 2 access and connectivity to traverse the trunk link
C. Permit any single, range, or group of VLANs to traverse the trunk link
D. Permit any number of VLANs to traverse the trunk link

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
Which two of these statements describe important aspects of performing a wireless site survey? (Choose two)
A. An 802.11g access point with a variety of antennas can be used in all standard site surveys
B. Site surveys can be performed manually or through assisted site survey
C. Channel power during testing starts at the default minimum and gradually increases to the maximum
D. Overlapping access points can create performance problems
E. Surveys should be done after hours in an office building or during reduced inventory levels in warehouses

Correct Answer: BD Section: (none) Explanation
What is the purpose of the Dynamic Configuration Tool?
A. to determine the correct IOS image to support your modules or blades
B. to allow for the mass deployment of devices with minimal configurations
C. to test router configurations virtually prior to implementing them in your production network
D. to provide an easy way to check for known bugs in IOS releases
E. to verify that hardware such as modulesare compatible with your chassis

Correct Answer: E Section: (none) Explanation
Which of these statements about CiscoWorks is true?
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A. The LMS interface can manage a maximum of four CiscoWorks servers
B. CiscoWorks SNMS supports integration with HPOV
C. CiscoWorks does not require TCP reliability
D. CiscoWorks Restricted is the recommended choice for large enterprise

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation QUESTION 64
Which three of these service components are in the design phase? (Choose three)
A. Account Qualification and Planning
B. Detailed Design Development
C. Staff Training
D. Systems Acceptance Test Plan Development
E. Staging Plan Development
F. Site Readiness Assessment

Correct Answer: BDE Section: (none) Explanation
When you explain the benefits of an effective network design to one of your clients, which two characteristic will you talk about? (Choose two)
A. unpredictability
B. scalability
C. predictability
D. changeability
E. unexpected changes
F. adaptability

Correct Answer: BC Section: (none) Explanation
Which of these is a benefit of an integrated security management system?
A. It provides configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities across a wide range of security products.
B. It leverages existing network management systems such as HPOpenView to lower the cost of implementation. “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 23 Cisco 642-374: Practice Exam
C. It integrates security management capabilities into the router or switch.
D. It integrates security device management products and collects events on an “as needed” basis to reduce management overhead.
E. It provides a single point of contact for all security configuration tasks thereby enhancing the return on investment.

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
Drop A.


Correct Answer: Section: (none) Explanation
“Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 24 Cisco 642-374: Practice Exam
Which service component within the prepare phase recommends the appropriate technology strategy to address a business requirement of the customer?
A. identifying what a customer requires from a proposed solution
B. determining what end-user training a customer requires
C. analyzes the customer’s business requirements and recommends the appropriate Cisco technologies to meet business requirements
D. addressing a customer’s physical requirements

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
What are two important approaches to communicate when identifying a customer’s security risks? (Choose two.)
A. Security should be a continuous process.
B. Security solutions should come from multiple vendors to make it easier to coordinate security events from the point of origin.
C. The designated security expert should report to the IT department, since that is where the solution will be implemented.
D. Business strategy should directly relate to the security policy and budget.
E. Smaller companies are at less risk than larger enterprises, so their security needs are not as great.

Correct Answer: AD Section: (none) Explanation
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