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A customer complained about their network performance. You scheduled a change request that will reroute their traffic through a different node to improve performance. What must you do to verify that this change had the desired results?
A. Validate the customer SLA for performance through the network.
B. Collect baseline performance data before and after the change.
C. Contact the customer to ensure that their performance has improved
D. Document the change request so that there is an audit trail.

Correct Answer: B
When you receive a change document for a network change, what information would you make sure to have?
A. detailed information about the steps required to carry out the process of network change, and a rollback plan
B. an explanation of the business case for the change
C. an understanding of how long-term performance will be improved
D. a list of test cases that were conducted in the lab for this network change
Correct Answer: A
Why is it important to have a single trouble ticketing system?
A. It is easy to back up the data from the single system.
B. It is easy to transfer tickets back and forth between the support groups.
C. It eliminates the need to learn and use multiple systems.
D. It increases the total cost of ownership.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 43
According to the [email protected] framework, what are three types of metrics to support continual service improvement and other process activities? (Choose three.)
A. technology metrics
B. component metrics
C. firmware metrics
D. harmonic metrics
E. process metrics
F. service metrics

Correct Answer: AEF
According to the [email protected] framework, how is urgency defined regarding an incident, problem, or change?
A. a measure of how long it will be until there is significant impact on the business
B. a measure of time before a customer SLA will be in jeopardy
C. a term used to identify relative importance to the business
D. a measure of how long the incident has been listed as a severity 1 problem

Correct Answer: A
According to the [email protected] framework, what three criteria can you use to qualify an incident? (Choose three.)
A. an introduction that is chronic in nature
B. unplanned interruption to a service
C. a reduction in the quality of service
D. a failure of a configuration item that has not yet impacted service
E. a change that must be backed out

Correct Answer: BCD
According to the [email protected] framework continual service improvement perspective, what is the most critical information that needs to be captured in the trouble ticketing system?
A. customer contact information
B. support engineer contact information
C. closure categorization
D. incident number

Correct Answer: C
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According to the [email protected] framework, what information is typically reported in an NOC incident report?
A. incident number, priority, incident start time, SLA, incident status
B. problem number, number of successful changes
C. major incident review
D. network performance and capacity metrics

Correct Answer: A
According to the [email protected] framework, which two formulas are commonly used to calculate priority? (Choose two.)
A. priority = urgency + impact
B. priority = severity + impact
C. priority = urgency ?impact
D. priority = severity ?urgency

Correct Answer: AC
According to the [email protected] framework, how would you prioritize workload when dealing with multiple high-urgency incident tickets?
A. Prioritize it based on the user who reported the incident.
B. Close low-impact tickets quickly to reduce workload.
C. Take impact into account to adjust your workload.
D. Work each urgent ticket on a efirst-in, first-out?basis.

Correct Answer: C
According to the [email protected] framework, what are two types of high priority escalation processes within incident management? (Choose two.)
A. functional
B. procedural
C. conceptual
D. hierarchical
E. remedial

Correct Answer: AD
According to the [email protected] framework, what type of escalation occurs when the service desk is unable to resolve the incident?
A. procedural “First Test, First Pass” – 16 Cisco 640-760 Exam
B. conceptual
C. functional
D. hierarchical

Correct Answer: C
You are working on a network outage issue and you realize that you need to make a change to the configuration. What should you do in this situation?
A. Inform your supervisor about the configuration change.
B. Implement the change, restore service as soon as possible, and close the ticket.
C. Wait for the maintenance window to make the change.
D. Make the necessary change and open a change ticket as soon as possible.

Correct Answer: D
According to the [email protected] framework, which task is a responsibility of problem management?
A. determine appropriate control action
B. detect and analyze events
C. optimize levels of service quality and availability
D. restore normal service operation as soon as possible
E. coordinate root cause analysis

Correct Answer: E
According to the [email protected] framework, which process deals with the investigation of recurring network issues?
A. incident management
B. problem management
C. change management
D. event management

Correct Answer: B
What information is typically captured in the network root cause analysis report?
A. incident start time, resolution time, outage impact, chronological events with timelines
B. incident symptoms, incident impact, names of the staff involved
C. network documentation update
D. application recovery time

Correct Answer: A
A major location was down for several minutes. In your experience, you know that this same location has experienced outages two other times during the past month. As an engineer working on the most recent incident, according to the [email protected] framework, what would you do next?
A. Close the ticket with an appropriate note.
B. Pass on the cause of the outage to the user and close the ticket.
C. Open a problem ticket, citing a potential chronic issue.
D. Inform your colleague during shift turnover and close the ticket.

Correct Answer: C
Your organization is in the process of creating a root cause analysis process as part of problem management. According to the [email protected] framework, which two of these actions would you recommend that they include in the process to clearly identify the root cause? (Choose two.)
A. Capture the chronological information timeline.
B. Use Ishikawa diagrams to identify the root cause.
C. Use Markov analysis to identify the root cause.
D. Use Pareto analysis to identify the root cause.
Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 58
According to the [email protected] framework, which of these events is a valid reason to open a problem ticket?
A. The incident is opened as severity 3 or higher.
B. The incident is opened as high impact.
C. A device reports a fan failure.
D. There is a slow response time between escalations.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 59
According to the [email protected] framework, which of the following attributes or activities can you use to define and analyze a problem in the network?
A. Pareto analysis, Ishikawa diagrams, brainstorming, and flowcharting
B. information collected using network management tools
C. trouble ticket data
D. known errors in a knowledge database

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 60
According to the [email protected] framework, which process will improve first-line resolution rates for
“First Test, First Pass” – 18 Cisco 640-760 Exam incidents reported to the service desk?
A. event management
B. incident management
C. problem management
D. service management
E. access management

Correct Answer: C

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